Rock-Candy Tribute pt.1

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My Tribute to Rock-Candy! This video is for fans ONLY!

Well this project took roughly 2 days to animate and voice.
This animation is entirely FAN made, the jokes aren't meant to be insulting .
So PLEASE don't leave unnecessary Reviews.

People that have been following Rock-Candy's web sight in the period from 8th, June - 12th, June might just get all the jokes. The entire story is about what Rock-Candy did in that period. The idea in this video might not be correct, but it's still a bit funny. Once again these joke aren't meant to be insulting.

Subtitles are included

The character with the Glasses is Philip(AKA Rock-Candy), and the other one is Exhörder, his friend who helps him script his animations and stuff.

Song at the credits: Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

Hope U like it :3

All bugs & spelling mistakes R fixed!

Part 2 will be out in out as soon as WIL_I_ZIN sends back me the file.

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ok how is this funny


nice and funny
very good with the monty python and yugioh abridged quotes...i tend to catch everything
and ive been checking his site weekly since it went up.
he's numbah 3 in my all time favorite NG authers list

AlexaNIkolaOmegaBase responds:

Thanks. I love Monty Python and YGOA. The 2nd part is better in all standards.


your lips were still moving at one part when the voice record stopped tons better then the crap i see been spammed through keep up the good work

AlexaNIkolaOmegaBase responds:

Thanks man!


The animation was sort of decent but it was mostly mouths moving- you tried too hard to make it look like good frame-by-frame but instead of doing pose-to-pose you just kind of winged it... I can tell because it looks kinda sloppy. The backgrounds are lazily made as well.

The voice acting is extremely subpar. And... heck, I don't really have any idea what happened in this video. If you're going to make something that's ridden with inside jokes you might as well not upload it to Newgrounds. You know?

AlexaNIkolaOmegaBase responds:

TNX 4 da tip.
The animation will probably improve over time, but the audio will suck untill I get to record in a studio or something, 'cause my mic sucks :P

good but

you spelled hentai, famous and remember wrong

AlexaNIkolaOmegaBase responds:

TNX, I corrected it.

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Jun 13, 2010
11:27 AM EDT