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Turtle POWA!

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I made this a couple of years back. Just experimenting with Flash and trying to learn from scratch.

Bare with me! I'm new to this!

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thats the worst thing i

have ever witnessed

you are awful at the very basic of animating premises, and you have no talent in the very minimal usage of the word

go and hack your foot off you waste of a flesh and soul!

but i liked the turtles part where you FFFFFFFFFFF a bunch

BlackFang001 responds:

Ironically, you gave me a 10?


( only one thing on the las frame put this: stop();
than it doesn't loop....

BlackFang001 responds:

That helps! :)

Great times

You know, the same goes for Cartoon Network. They used to have the good shows. like Dexter's laboratory and Johny Bravo. TMNT is another one of those shows that lost it too. =[... the good ol' days, man... the good ol' days....

BlackFang001 responds:

I agree. Cartoons today aren't as great as those classics.

I'm a fan but....

I get what you were trying to say. And I love the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that's what I grew up on.. most of the new stuff makes me cringe.. don't even get me started on the live action series they had. But I just don't think this was executed well. A replay option at the end would have been awesome so it didn't just loop.

BlackFang001 responds:

I know, but I haven't learned how to create buttons yet. I'm learning flash through button pressing and experimenting.

I'm not gonna lie

You really shouldn't have uploaded this here. It's not too bad if you're just brand new, but you're supposed to find your style, refine your animation a bit more, learn the ropes, then start uploading the good stuff. The stuff that surprises you, not... this.

BlackFang001 responds:

Hmm.... I disagree with you. I think it was perfect to upload it here. How else would I get any feedback from my work? Everyone starts somewhere, and sometimes its opinion which can spark the need of improvement in one's work rather than simply "learning the ropes."

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2010
12:38 AM EDT