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The Menu/Button Tutorial

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Are you a flash animator? Do you have trouble making menus and buttons? Are you a walrus? If you said yes to two of the three questions above then this tutorial is for you.

I decided to make a button and menu tutorial after seeing prominent flashes be drug down by little things that are just annoying. So this is the result.

- Liquify

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this sure can be used, maybe that way i'll learn how to make it
thanks alot
you are really good^^

Nice Tutorial Liquify!!

I really liked this tutorial, man, I'm not a Flash author, so, I'm not going to use this tutorial (thank God, I hate complex things...), but I'm pretty sure you helped and you will help a lot of people with troubles in menus and buttons...

I played a lot of games where the buttons simply ruined the whole game, sometimes, the button's line is so tiny that I couldn't even enter the game, but, anyways, you're being very helpful to the authors, since they'll improve their works, and their flashes will be even better, I just hope to see a lot of improved flashes here in Newgrounds.

You did a great job, man, the tutorial is flawless, the song is pretty cool, it has a tutorial sound, I loved this flash... Keep it up, man, awesome work.

(Review Request Club)

Good tutorial

This is a nicely written tutorial and I'm sure it can help out a lot of flash artists out there.

For example the tutorials about buttons you gave: The same thing you speak of in this tutorial is what annoys me for quite some time now. Only the small text is clickable, but not the spaces in between the letters. It is easy to avoid (as shown in this tutorial) but yet many beginners do it wrong.

I also like the style you write in. You just want to help avoiding a few mistakes so you explain in a very friendly way (with lots of pictures for guidance) how certain things can be done better.
When you write in the style you did the people who use this tutorial may actually listen to you as you don't sound rude or like "I know it better than you, so shut up!". Instead you just sound like the friendly guy who wants to help out.

Anyway, I think an option to turn off the music would be nice to have. You could easily add that to the main menue as there still is some space left. The music you chose sounds nice and fits to the tutorial, but every song gets annoying if you have to listen to it over and over again.

{ Review Request Club }


Yeah you are getting mixed review scores. Although here's a good score from me :3. Anyway, as for the flash, it was a very good tutorial; by far one of the best tutorials I've seen about this subject, although then again I haven't seen many. Still, I know a good tutorial when I see one, and this is a very good tutorial. Good job!

I can't really comment much on the animation of the flash since this doesn't really have that much animation, but as for the graphics, I think the colour scheme is great. To be honest, I prefer black and cyan, although that's just my personal preference.

This tutorial is fantastic. I have flash but I can't be bothered to learn it yet, so I didn't find this helpful to me, but I'm sure that if I was learning flash, this'd be extremely helpful for me. Actually I'm bookmarking this page for future use. It's very helpful, provides clear pictures of what you need to do and is written with simple diction and nothing too complicated. It doesn't use any technical words or any vague instructions, making this aimed solely at beginners, which is what it's supposed to be doing. The only defect I can point out in this paragraph which hasn't been mentioned yet would be that there were a few grammatical mistakes (mostly unnecessary commas), and while it doesn't make this tutorial any less helpful, having proper grammar would give this a sense of professionalism, if you get what I mean.

As for audio, the particular song you chose, whilst being pretty catchy, is quite repetitive, so making a song selection for this flash is somewhat of a must, as the other reviewers said. A mute button also works well, or maybe even a volume knob or something. Small perks like this can really make this Flash better.

Anyway, all in all, this serves its job as a tutorial very well, I can't find much to complain about it, and what I did find to complain about is just really minor nitpicks. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

Nice Tutorial

-I remember when I was new to flash and I used tutorials like these to learn some of the basics in flash. While it is helpful and shows pictures for some basic topics in flash it doesn't go too in depth. You only went over a couple of topics and a larger tutorial would make it so people don't have to go elsewhere for tips on animation since you cover button scripts.

-I know it's great to include some sort of music into a flash since I did it for most of mine but including a mute button or a selection of different music would of been a nice touch that helps people out who listen to different things.

-Overall I think you did a nice job with putting together a decent tutorial that can help out people new to flash. There have been some tutorials kind of like this in the past but it never hurts to have another tutorial around the portal.

-Review Request Club

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2010
10:24 PM EDT