Megaman The Robo Wars Ep3

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So yeah here it is. I'll probbablly be working on a diffrent project for a while after this. I finally had the time to learn how to create amatuer mouths when they talk also. I personally think my animation has improved but I guess thats up to newgrounds.Hope you Enjoy.

NOTE: I repeat this is a sprite flash AND a Megaman Flash. If you don't like these then please do not rate or review.

UPDATE: Forgot to Write. Anyone who writes a review then trys to guess who or what is in the box correctly will get a special preview of my new project on 6/18/10

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ugh! oh great!

now i gotta see what's next!

getting better.

My only advise is to slow down a bit. you are moving the story so fast, that even I can't keep up with what is going on. I know you want it to be epic, but you need to slow down and explain what is going on, and build the story more. Fights are good, but you seem to have a all out war, and we have no clue why everyone is trying to slaughter each other.

It is getting good though. You have improved on your effects, and the only thing I can say is that you may want some explosion effects for death. Like breakman's death.

good flash

those bosses were the best.
lets see: whats in the box?
i dont think its a new boss, because that was my first instint and my first instinct is usually wrong. so im gonna say its a new megaman model. the first robot of a new, stronger series.

DjangoEX responds:

I'm thinkin of remakin this ep because of its bad score but glad you liked it.


i like this kind of things 2nd to wacth 2nd to vote

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4.81 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2010
5:57 PM EDT