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Sweet Anais 2

rated 2.16 / 5 stars
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Jun 12, 2010 | 1:16 PM EDT

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Anais is back she brings along her girlfriends!



Rated 1 / 5 stars

girl: oh babey oh oh. me: do you like it when i push my dick againts your chest? girl: oh yeah. girl: im gonna pat myself on the stomach........

anyway god this bich would fall for anything even if i poared coffe down her pussy.. jeez


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

...Wow, this game is bad. This may be one of the least sexy porn games I've ever played. XD
The dressup is dull and needs more options (lace and leather work; you have four for ever option, which is practically nothing for a dress up game). Although I appreciate the fact that she's not a cartoon and looks at least slightly realistic, it still feels like I'm pleasuring a robot.
The "sex" part of it is...baffling. Unless I'm missing some, by my count, there are at most 2 things you can do to her per "option" and almost all of them are, well...
Am I really having sex with her navel? Is she seriously getting off by patting her stomach? Why is she enjoying those exactly as much as when I rub her pussy? I appreciate the change from the usual "rub her tits, then her pussy then have sex", but...I almost miss those compared to this. She could use more poses, she could use more facial expressions (again, feels like she's enjoying everything exactly as much, even when some of them wouldn't get ANYONE off). The musical loop gets a tad annoying after a while. I understand it's not exactly easy to get free songs, it's still a pretty tiresome. This game has the potential to be at least interesting (I'm not sure if "fun" is the right word for this kind of game), but yeah. One thing I did notice that I liked was repeat usage changed stuff around. IE, first game I could put have sex with her bellybutton, second game I couldn't. The issue I see with this is it means that you have the potential to have absolutely nonsensical sex acts. That is to say, my first game I had exactly one vaginal stimulation (rubbing her) and the rest was a lot of breast and bellybuttons, which is some of the most nonexistent sex I've ever seen.
Also, I don't know if this is something you can even change, but the hornygamer link is really freakin' close to the "Play with this girl" button, which means that I almost always hit it when I mean to do the other. On the subject of hitboxes, some of the ones for her are pretty tiny. It may not be a bad idea to make them bigger.
Overall pretty bad at this point. It could use a lot of work. The fact that I laughed at this game is probably an issue. I DON'T think humor is what you were don't for with this. While it becomes harder and harder to be certain about this (I genuinely laughed a good five minutes at her being pleasured by my tongue licking her ear), I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be more or less serious. Work on this, because this could potentially be enjoyable. =P

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

not bad, but not good... okay, pretty bad

this could use a some work. needs more variety and pretty much everything reikiba said. i wana give ya a 1 but im fealing lenientt so heres a four.

@ reikiba:
hey you know everything thats bad about this guys work so why dont you do some hentai flash and make your own, huh?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

it's a start

Not really a whole lot of customization--at least not enough to keep people's attention for very long. Not very good skin texture at all. I'm just assuming you used Poser to pose the model; you should try to find a good skin pack.

The pose needs work. Since you only have one pose, might as well make it look as realistic as possible. I'm assuming she's leaning back. Since her weight is on her arms, her shoulders would be raised. Personally, I'd lean her back a bit more and tilt her head toward the camera for a sexier pose. Right now, she looks as relaxed as a Barbie doll.

Her hands and butt need to make an impression in the bed. If I were doing this, I'd try to use lattices to indent the bed--if whatever you're using has lattices or if you know what I'm talking about. If not, you could go into Photoshop or something and use the burn tool or something to make intentions and creases in the bed covers around the hand (preferably with the model and bed on 2 separate layers--and looking at it again, it looks like they are on separate layers).

But pose aside, you're not going to have a decent dress-up game without a wider variety of accessories--or something more to do. Ability to change body type might be a good idea, or changing body type for different ethnicity. At least some people are sure to suggest ability to completely undress her. I don't think that's as important as adding variety, though.