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Deep Space Frontier

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Deep space frontier is an action-shooter game where you are a pilot send to destroy a doom-device found far away from planet Earth.


Reminds me of the Descent games

The graphics appear the same, as with the general storyline. Just a lone ship on a mission to save the world (or worlds as the case may be). The looks of the game are quite nice, as with the overall speed of the ship and the shots fired. But I agree with the previous person, that there are a few too many mines. I personally love challenging games that require fast, instantaneous thinking, and that's what gives this an 8 out of 10 stars.

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Pazvanti responds:

Thank you for your honest review. I tried to make the game not to hard nor to easy. Maybe there are a few to many mines in some points, but since they always come in a pattern and because you life refills over time I don't think the game is to hard. If it would have been easier than it would not be a challenge.


Normally I LOVE these kind of shooters; a 1 against many kind of game is exciting, knowing YOU hold the fate of whoerver you're trying to save in your hands. But this game...it--to be pianfully blunt--SUCKS!!!

First off, I HATE mouse controlled games. You have so little control over you ship unless you can move your mose very s-l-o-w-l-y. It's imossible to get the control you need to make fast turns/changes in direction you need to to avoid mines ,bullets, ect.

Second...why do the power ups vanish so fast? I mean I saw a shot upgrade and as soon as I registered what it was it was gone! It stands to reason that since this is a mouse controlled game--and there are a MILLION mines/enimies on the screen at once that the player would try to stay back as far as ossible to at least have a CHANCE to avoid obstacles. If the powerups disapper 1.2 seonds after the appear what's the point?

Third, you really need to redo this game. I mean it's impossoble to avoid mines, enemy bullets, and shoot at said enmies all at once. if you goint t have a mine field run...take out the ships...if you're going to have a ship to ship firefight...take out the mines. Also keep the power ups on the screen for A LOT loner than they are now.

Finally, take out that stupid "get hit 5 times and your gun downgrades" thing I think I MIGHT have gotten 1 or 2 powerups just by doing a susicide chage to get it but by the time I got it and tried to back off to use it I had already been hit 12 times. The only time a gun should downgrade is when you die--also add more lives to this game--one life and game over totally sucks.

All in all the beginning was nice but after that...you really need to rework 99% of this game...the controls, the distrbuition of mines/enimies, the length that power ups stay on the screen, the stupid "5 hits and you loose you power up" thing. This REALLY needs total overhaul/redo.

Pazvanti responds:

Just because you don't like games that are controlled with the mouse does not mean the game deserves a score of 0. I know that some things cam be improved, but just because you are not good enough to dodge a mind does not mean this game is that bad. You can hit about 20 mines before your ship is destroyed. Also, the health refills over time at a constant rate.
You have only one life because I figured that once you failed the mission you must start again...just like in reality. So I put the "5 hit and downgrade" for the weapon because there should have been a way to downgrade your ship.
Maybe the power ups stay a little to short on the stage, but otherwise it will make the game to easy.

Thank you for your comment but please reconsider your score. The graphics are excellent, the music is excellent and it has a good gamepley, even if you think that mouse controlled games are bad.

Pretty good i guess.

Not bad but there is stuff that could be more developped, Like the background and put some more effects. But it is not the kind of being regectted by other players

Keep trying!

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2.93 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2010
6:51 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight