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Warrior Cat Battle

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ATTENTION: this was not made by me in anyway, this was made by Asi, my fellow animator and friend. He doesn't use his Newgrounds account and so he let me upload his stuff to here. This is based off the book "Warriors" by erin Hunter. If you've seen this on YouTube, then good for you, if not, go here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1XYgtSCHvp4

this is part of a long series of 20 minute animations that I'm now a part of and quite proud myself :)

again, credz go to Asi (and Zing), thanks to Asi again for letting me share this ;D



thank u Alstar567, u ruin it 4 me. even though this hapens to every day
And chewbacca0123, can u read.

what the fuck am I watching

Cat's don't fight like this. Cat's don't mark group territory. Cat's don't speak Japanese or communicate verbally. Why the fuck are there japanese subtitles? There is literally no point to them.

I can understand whoever made this is basing their animation off of a shoddy children's book about cats discussing tribal politics, but come the fuck on.

It's wannabe anime trash, and the voices are so shoddy it might as well be a shitty English dub of some bad anime.

What really pissed me off was how obviously corners were cut and how for the most part, cat anatomy is completely thrown out the window. I don't understand exactly why this was designed so any cat with a name has some unique feature to them that makes them stick out like a swollen thumb, but it was a bad fucking idea.

The saddest part is that this only ranked in today's best because it has Warriors, which stupid prepubescent teenagers are convinced is a "mature novel," despite being found in any kids' section of any bookstore. Lucky for you and your friend, that's most of the Newgrounds audience! Con-fucking-grats!

Go ahead and assume I'm a hater who doesn't know shit about dick.

wanton360 responds:

no, I think that your review was reasonable, a hater yes, but stupid no. I didn't help make this one so I can't say much for this. I repeat, NOT MINE. but yes, it's not the best and it's over a year old so get over it. It has Chinese subtitles actually I think because that was Asi's choice, they got rid of them now though so stop whining.




>w< i love the warriors series and Chewbacca0123 Tigerclaw did NOT kill Oakheart, he died in a rock fall while batteling Redtail. I should know, i'm on the 6th book!!
Ps. Bluestar dies in the 5th book. >,<


Exactly the prolouge to the first book and i luv warriors, MAKE MANY MANY MORE

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Jun 12, 2010
12:03 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 13, 2010