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Gravity Football 2

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New improved mouse-only gameplay!


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Very fun.
I like it


Preety Fun Game

I liked it. The teams are a reflect of the real teams and the detail that you have the real worldcup fixture as "enemy list" was a nice detail. Good work, keep them comming


A biyty boring and there should be T-mate balls.
and hows it footy?

ilMareGames responds:

I see footless people O_O

It's a nice game but....

I feel there's a bit of social commentary maybe about americans and soccer I mean really I thought at first I'll play as america then I saw their stats and switched to England and first round I played I smoked america it just chased me around didn't even goal keep there were time when I just flew around america and the final score 15 to 1 and that 1 was because I accidentlly scored a goal on myself so then I stopped playing as england and tried america England was good it watched it's goal rushed me when it could and put america to shame,SO that's why I'm wondering does this game say America stinks at soccer or did you just pick the stats at random and this is just a coincdense?

ilMareGames responds:

this game doesn't say anything it's just a game =)