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Protagonist Ep1

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Author Comments

Please read: The low quality is a part of the plot and a joke. The artwork, sound effects, and everything will appear as the plot demands. The world evolving out of nothing into something is a part of the plot.

I'm still learning flash animation during this series, so any feedback, advice, and tips are greatly appreciated.

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Decent concept, weak execution

Consider doing the same idea with better; drawing, animation, no buttons and voice acting lol

Galdon responds:

It's meant to be simplistic at this point, It will get all of those things soon through plot developments in the next episode or two.

Really reminiscent of a Daffy Duck cartoon

And the cartoon is "Duck Amuck" where Daffy is subjected to all various types of scenery and mishaps all at the hands of everyone's favorite little gray rabbit! Bugs Bunny! It may be short, but it definitely shows promise. I hope you can only go up from here and turn this into a full-fledged series. Keep at it.

Keep it up

Not amazing, quite a funny idea, but a few things you could do to improve. Firstly audio of any kind would of added to the flash, mabye some music. And also the fact the video needed constant buttons pressed didnt help. Not bad for an early effort tho. Keep it up

Galdon responds:

Music and sounds are definite for the next episode; the reason they are absent from this one is that the 'creator' (green text) didn't get a chance to add sound to the world yet.

I wasn't sure weather to risk the text going by too fast, too slow, or using buttons, if the buttons are more annoying than helpful I'll leave those out of the next one to see how that works out. Thanks.