I Was A Teenage Zombie!

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We tried uploading this before but it seems like there was a problem with the upload, try again!

First episode of our internet series Zombies entitled I Was A Teenage Zombie!


that was pretty bad

but still entertaining, and for gods sake put a preloader in it!


i actually enjoy the style of animation and it'd work fantastic as kind of a "Saladfingers" kind of animation but the voice acting needs to be improved 20 fold for it to hold my attention. the screaming and concerned loud voices are terrible, and thats putting it nicely friend.

its good, humor is situational so its pretty funny since you do it pretty well, the voice acting is the main thing that needs to be fixed. you can have the best script but it wont mean anything if you don't have the actors to bring the characters alive.

Good story but....

The storys alright but the artwork, voices, ect.
In otherwords add a little more to the animation and you could have something great!


You stole my title!!!! i have a book named i was a teenage zombie!!! i put it in the epicduel forums and search the story darklight(its another story im currently writing) and you will see my story in there either change the title or delete this submission!!!!......joke no need to change the title lol its just that i was suprised that another person used the exact title for my story lol

ZombiesCartoon responds:

hahaha that's quite odd! we didn't even have a name for it until a few months ago when i thought it'd be better with a title other than 'pilot', we actually got the idea from the spongebob episode 'i was a teenage gary' haha

Not Bad

Pretty good for the first episode of the series. Needs work on pretty much every thing but other than that it was alright.

ZombiesCartoon responds:

cheers, the more feedback we get the more we know how to improve the next episode.

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2.56 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2010
5:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original