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Freelance medic Jazz Cassidy is out to make a dollar by any means necessary, but getting caught in a street war between a militant Christian church and a research company that has way too many fans was NOT in the plan. When someone has a gun pointed at someone you love, objectivity and passivism don't mean shit. It takes more than one faction of dicks with guns to fuck up a city...It takes Synergy!


Well it's ok

The animation is nice and fluide,the voice's are ok but i had to play the video 3 or 3 time because of some part like in the church,story is ok but not very original.

Good one but it's not something i would look everyweek.

Its good but...

This should be rated Restricted not Mature. just sayin...


The story line itself is quite interesting but it seems to me that this is rather "simple" made then with actual effort. The animation could use work, more easing, aswell as more frames inbetween the moves. The fighting scenes were pretty decent, i'll give you that. But the animation lacks intensity, sort of speak!
Sounds are rather okay, i suppose they will have to do.
But what i am looking for here is a little more "serious" work!
More effort regarding the animation, the details and the actual story.

Good parts:

7/10 because:
- Interesting points taken up in storyline
- Animation style (Could use some touching)
- Music - The music is quite nice.

Bad parts:

- Work on the animation, more frames and the ease-in and ease-out
- Work on making the story and the action more intense


I dont like this style to be honest, its too racist with the way the characters
act and speak and sound... Its my opinion, i mean no offense but this is too "focused". Animation style is not very impressive either, but the music itself is nice.

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good art work
good premise
solid story
decent plot
work on your voice acting and recording equipment.

i wish i was black

so i could jump

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4.37 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2010
3:29 AM EDT