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Freelance medic Jazz Cassidy is out to make a dollar by any means necessary, but getting caught in a street war between a militant Christian church and a research company that has way too many fans was NOT in the plan. When someone has a gun pointed at someone you love, objectivity and passivism don't mean shit. It takes more than one faction of dicks with guns to fuck up a city...It takes Synergy!


Love your fighting scenes man!
And that ending! XD

I really do like the background sky It's so pretty usually they make it black or dark but yours is purplish that's really pretty. But then again I love your animating skills

I Loved this!! The urban atmosphere was so sleek and cool looking, especially with all the electric feeling color combinations. Those things like small animations in the background also make the whole world come to life even more...it really felt like everyone shown had their own story. Whatever you do next, I'll be rooting for you!

Nice work Bruh, I like all them sly smug jokes in the background lol had me laughing,

Wow how did this one slide pass me?

Hahaha wow I gotta say that was really cool! Can't say I understand much of the story just some futristic science corporation competing with religion or some crap I dunno done in an anime style with black people.

That said I am digging the whole animation and voice acting. The humor, the action just about everything!

That said I hope a part 2 is in the works...or is even up! Imma check!

JazLyte responds:

Thanks buddeh :) Yeah alot of people don't get the story, I think back when I was writing it I didn't understand the value of simplicity. This is actually part 2, there's one before it, and I'm working on a 3rd right now. Glad it made you cheese fine sir

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Jun 11, 2010
3:29 AM EDT