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Bret's Opinion on Subs

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Author Comments

This was a quick animation I did in about 2 hours. It's not that great, but I like how the recording effect came out for the most part--since it was my first time and all.
The song in the background is 'Come On Come On' by Smashmouth.
All additional audio and animation belongs to me (and my brother)

... Also, yes. I have a weird laugh.

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Brought Back Memories

Messing around with a microphone and your siblings is tons of fun! Then she animated it, just to see what would happen. Flash authors release early material to the Portal to see if they can. Often, it is filled with spam, spam, spam, like what gets released through the Crews. This is an exception and is an actual test-run of the program and a work-flow.

The animation gets out of sync, a common problem. Maybe if the audio layer was set to Stream and you inserted blank frames throughout the mouth movements....

This Flash is one of those oddities where everything is improvised and done beneath a tight time limit. It's not brilliant, but now we know why "Canvas" (a later release) is so great.

It's missing something..

You do animation pretty good..

You have a good talent in drawing..

There are only a few things you should have done to this Flash movie.

You could have created a preloader to stop the looping and maybe perhaps put some actionscript code in it.

Another thing is that your Audio is kinda off..

The animation of the character's mouth is far off from the timing of the audio.

A piece of advice: Learn about audio and a little bit about programming and you could make awesome and better flash.