S.W.A.T Shadows Episode 1

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UPDATE #2: I have replaced the preloader..I hope many didn't experience a broken preloader.
UPDATE #1: If anyone else is having problems getting the play button to work please let me know..

Hi Newground!

Here is my animation I have been working on over the last couple of months on and off.
This has been my very first complete animation that weighs in at 10 MINUTES long.
This episode is setting the scene for a SWAT team being assigned an Infiltration mission.

While working on this I have learnt even more ways in which for future episodes that will enhance my approach.

Please enjoy I really hope you all can enjoy this as much as I did making it.
Also please ignore the credits.. there was more planned after the credits.. but it didn't make it in. sorry for any trouble caused.

EDIT: Since Im having trouble trying to add addition voice credits in the side panel id like to credit the voice actors below for their patience and enthusiasm to the project. I really couldn't of done this without you guys.


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i love your animating skills. like people have mentioned, it was a little slow to move in plot, but i really enjoyed this! your animation is gorgeous and so smooth and the script was pretty well-written. thanks so much for letting me be a part of this - it really has been a pleasure :) hope to be able to work with you again!

LKLostKID responds:

Thank you.. ill be writing the script differently this time and try to keep the flow mixed up instead of getting boring quickly. I sent you a buddy request so I can add you to the credits in the left hand side. =]


The Voice Acting in this submission is Awesome. Style of Anomation, e.t.c. Great Job.

LKLostKID responds:

Thank you for the review buddy. I hope you enjoy part 2 just as much :D

Pretty good

Good animating and good sound. Script could use a bit of editing to pick up the pace.

That girl spent too much time on the phone with someone she apparently didn't want to talk to. I don't know what he could have possibly been saying to keep her on the line that long--and then she says she'll meet with him. And she repeated herself. There's got to be a faster way to get your point across.

Some of the SWAT guys' dialogues could probably be shortened as well without losing any humor.

LKLostKID responds:

Hi Reikiba, thank you for your review.

The script is slow paced.. Im very new at script writing and was worried it may be to much of...a mouthful. However this is Episode 1 and while the script could of been optimized to tell the story in less words this is how the end result turned out. I am however going to take my script a revise before sending off to my voice actors and spend more time with them getting a better connection and feeling from within the characters.

awwwwwww :(

the preloader is glitched it well not load up right and it well not play it (no its not my computer). i could have done the preloader codeing for you. i well at least give you a 10 for trying

LKLostKID responds:

what part of the preloader is glitched? was you able to watch the flash at all? PM me with a response please. many thanks :)

404 Error! Subject "Review Title" cannot be found.

You should speed up your animation it felt slow. Also an insertion point is the place the troops land not the place of infiltration so you cant land away from the insertion point unless your landing at a different insertion point. A couple voices were a little flat. You had some good humorous moments, music choices and your storyline is entertaining. Overall a pretty good flash. I hope to see the rest of this.

LKLostKID responds:

Can you please PM the error you had occured?
"404 Error! Subject "Review Title" cannot be found"

THIS is the first episode.. and not very action based, unfortunetly it IS all talk and no bang bang. The story needed to be layed on before a sense of fighting was worth it.

They were landing outside of the warehouse which their mission was to infilitrate.. their insertion zone was located away from the warehouse.. Sorry that you got confused.

Voices will be worked on for part 2.. for the voice actors and myself it had been quite a learning experience and we hope to do better.

Many thanks for your thoughtful review :)

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4.60 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2010
8:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Original