Typical Life of a Hobo

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My 2nd flash project, slightly progressing.


All of you Misinterpreted the Story!

This beautiful animated is quite obviously (as I have talked to the creator behind this masterpiece myself) an allegory for the lack of social mobility present in society today. We also see a strong, diverse group of characters alongside the hobo, who all experience unique character development throughout the movie. I particularly enjoyed the hobo himself, especially his transformation from smelly and overall ugly to a tuxedo-wearing aristocrat. This is another example of the omnipresent allegory. The Audi R8 that passed the hobo as he walked down the street was a great instance of foreshadowing, as it was a tell-tale sign that good fortune was to come the hobo's way. All other critics of this piece simply do not understand the artistic and philosophical aspect of Glerner9216's work. A 10 is the only possible rating one can give for such a fine piece of art.


Easily the best piece of work anybody has ever made on this website.

A couple of suggestions

First off, the "Play" button needs to be disabled after the viewer clicks it once. I shouldn't hear the opening guitar bit if I click it over and over. Second, I'm not going to critique your art. I'm sure you know it's not stellar, but it's better than half the shit coming down the pipes. Third, when choosing ambient sound effects for the background, try to choose sounds that blend well with each other and themselves. Every time you looped your background sound, I heard, "Sooo, tell you what..." Gets kind of annoying and kills your atmosphere.

Cute story. Not the most original, but short and simple. Keep practicing with flash. Everybody's gotta start somewhere.


I don't think typical hobos win $5,000,000.

Happens all the time

Yeah I clicked the hobo on the screen and nothing happened so I assumed that was a bum pun of some sort. Very interesting look into the typical life cycle of a hobo. Story is well put together.

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2.41 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2010
2:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Original