Orange You Glad...

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A school project that was used to further familiarize myself with Flash and animation. This animation was a collaboration between comedian Alex Gavlick and myself. This is my second Flash animation! Enjoy!

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That was unexpected

The thing I really liked in this cartoon were the voices because it seemed to be really authentic. The orange had the best of all. I guess it's not proper to keep thinking of The Annoying Orange when I see stuff about fruit on the Internet. I was not expecting the banana to flip out and kill everyone like that. I could not quite understand the joke because it left out the part where he first says "banana". I guess it's more satisfying when he kills them because the joke was bad.

It was interesting to just look at the lines that were shown in this. The sketchy artwork really entertained me and gave the cartoon a more authentic feeling. It's funny how the banana has such a mood swing when he kills everyone. Well, they were going to meet their fate by the knife anyway. I am glad it did not just end with the first joke.

I'm not going to get all technical buuuut...

Nice flash pretty good, to be honest I was wondering how this didn't get blammed until I saw the banana, busted out laughing then. xD

The rest after the banana got offended was "meh" personally I woulda cut it off at that, but hey just my oppinion not a bad flash at all nice job!

Started off great..

First off, let's start with the good.

-Humor is great for the most part. The jokes were funny, the voice acting perfectly suited every character, and never seemed forced.
-The graphics and animation style are very unique and enjoyable. I've never seen an animator use the same style you used here, it was a nice change of pace and it looked good to boot.
-Well written dialogue, up until the end of the animation anyway.. And this is where things turn sour.

Unfortunately you dragged the animation on FAR too long, it should've ended after the Banana walked off and the other two complained about him taking it too seriously. The scene with the Banana coming back and "apologizing" couldn't have been further from funny. It was far too vulgar and violent for the type of animation this was. I myself have nothing wrong with violence and/or language, but it just seemed so out of place with this. The only time it seemed appropriate was when the Banana walked off the second time after insulting the two fruit, but honestly that's where it should've ended. The ending was forced, both vocally and comedically, resulting in a dry, completely unfunny and unenjoyable ending scene to ruin an otherwise A+ flash.

I'm still going to give you an 8/10 and a 4/5, because I still thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the flash, I just wish you had realized when to cut it off instead of dragging it on to the point where it had almost lost all comedic value.

What happened?

It was going great, I thought the animation was good, the voice acting was perfect, and you could have done so well with the banana freaking out. But alas, the ending was terrible.

good, then bad

The animating was good. The animation was funny up until banana went ballistic. Then it just seemed seemed gratuitous and drawn-out.

Their screams didn't sound like screams--they sounded bored. And "Orange you glad your not an orange" made absolutely no sense. Personally, I would have ended it after banana walks off screen. The bloodbath just spoiled whatever humor the animation had.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
9:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Original