The Bear Necessities

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This the third in my most recent Freddy the Fish series. If you like this than watch 'Anchors Away Torpedo Trouble', and also 'Good Knight,' which are both available by clicking for other submissions by me at the bottom of the page.


Bears eating starfish?

Needs a story. If you were trying to be funny, it didn't work. It just looked weird.


I got out of my seat to get a drink while the animation was playing. I couldn't bother with replaying it so I'll just give it a 10. You'll probably go far with your talent or maybe you wouldn't. I don't care. Have a nice day.

is there a plot?

Come on, really?
What does it have to d with the song it;s named for, exactly
Have some ConSistEncY, will ya?

CBaum responds:

The music fits along perfectly with the animation; I chose it because it is synchronized. Think of it as a mockery of a silent film. Now as for the title, "The Bear Necessities," that has everything to do with it. First of all that is a pun on the expression, "the BARE necessities" because there is a bear in the cartoon. And what are the bare necessities of life exactly? Sustenance. This animation is about the food chain and the natural order of things. The fact the Freddy is contemplating the food he used to eat just before he his eaten by the bear, it's something called DRAMATIC IRONY. This cartoon has literary merit beyond your comprehension as it seems, but thanks for taking the time to watch it and to tell me what you honestly think anyways. I appreciate that.

Marine Biology Fail

Starfish do not live in freshwater. I cannot overlook this.

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CBaum responds:

Fish don't talk either. I suppose you have never heard of the cinematic effect known as the 'suspension of disbelief'. I wrote that he was a starfish because he was starring, it was a pun, play on words, it doesn't actually matter because the character is an orange blob.

For the record...

I thought this would be about The Jungle Book. Anyway, poor animation and really no plot, I think you can do better. 3/10 2/5

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Jun 9, 2010
5:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original