Chaos Star

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This is my first game in about 7 months, I hope you guys enjoy it. I will have another game coming out this week (possibly tomorrow). Make sure you read the instructions, the control scheme takes some getting used to!

Enjoy Newgrounds :)

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I enjoyed this game but I would like to be able to refuel or have it last a wee bit longer for those tense moments when the rockets are coming for you and you're stuck between star clusters!

I actually liked being stuck as there is a sad inevitability about knowing you're going to die and can't do anything to save yourself.
To add to this I'd like to see a wee bit of a story or set up of who you are (bare bones only) just to give meaning to collecting things and add drama to deaths.

I like to imagine the crew saying goodbye silently like in Toy Story 3 as they watched out the window as the rockets approach haha.


It's fun in the later levels when multiple missiles are chasing you. Good job.

It's a bit broken, but it's playable, I guess

The game itself wasn't anything special; however it does have some interesting stuff.

Graphics: 8/10
They're clean and don't hurt your eyes. Also they were fluid. Good job.

Sound: 5/10
It's so boring I'm not even going to bother criticizing it. However, it does show one of the main problems of the game: it lacks action and exciting stuff: the sound was no exception.

Gameplay: 5/10
It was broken if you ask me: the only good part was when I activated the fuel. It responded well but it was too slow, and I mean TOO slow. It was boring out there, no real enemies (please, please, please make some challenging, exciting AI), and it was repetitive.

Fun Factor: 3/10
Fun with the fuel, but that's about it.

Concept: 8/10
You did a great job at finding a good concept. But you got lost in the middle: while the main idea of being in the space and catching stars and stuff is a cool idea, you should have hone farther with your idea. You didn't take any risks and believe me when I say they would have payed off.

Replay Value: 6/10
Decent amount of levels, but lacks different game modes.

Final Score: 6/10
It's idea and presentation are in the right place, but we quickly forget them due to the fact that you had no motivation to play.

Suggestions for a sequel:
-A faster pace
-Level Editor
-Better enemies
-Different game modes
-Better sound
-An exciting gameplay
-Boss battles!
-Did I mention a faster pace?

Hope to see a sequel: this has serious potential to be a great game.

Azh321 responds:

Thanks a lot for the detailed review. I will definitely pay attention to your criticism. Im not sure what you mean by "broken" as far as the gameplay goes? Im guessing you, like many others, expect the player to respond to your mouse constantly and right away as opposed to when you absorb a star, like the instructions state?

Also, though several of your suggestions are valid, many are not. A level editor, achievements, game modes, and boss battles may be great for some types of games, doesnt mean it is for all games. This was ment to be a quick pick up, arcade style game. Not an epic RPG. :) lol. Tell Pazhitnov to add boss battles to Tetris!

Wrong Name

It's not a bad game, but not that good either. If you give something a name like "Chaos Star", I expect boss battles. "Star Voyage" or "Star Hopper" would have made more sense.

If you do a sequel, maybe consider adding power ups or puzzle features.


Controls are really weird :/ I almost feel like it's just going on it's own. Plus it's extremely repetitive...

Azh321 responds:

It takes some getting used to, but if you read the instructions, it is moving in the direction of your mouse at the time of your LAST collision with a star. In other words, use your mouse to point the direction that you want to move to in the future.

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3.47 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
2:56 PM EDT
Skill - Collect