Vintage Voicemail 2

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J-kellz does funny stuff like this all the time. I thought this was funny so I went and animated it.
take a look at this and please drop a review!

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-This is one of the oddest animations i've seen in a while and what makes it absolute gold is that J-Kellz actually did this at some point in real life since you said something about that in the author comments. Just thinking about him actually doing that made it so much funnier than if you made this up.

-It's not the best animating since it seems spur of the moment and it's not touched up in some areas where the lip synching is off. I'm not saying it's bad since it's above average but some more time could of been taken to make everything look better. I was confused by the guy in the background. He was probably related to this story somehow but I just see it as complete randomness to have him jumping up and down across the screen.

-Review Request Club

YoinK responds:

oh the audio was taken from a youtube video. And that's our friend snakebite who does that crazy jumping dance move when he's drunk. They were both drunk during this incident which makes it funnier.


The animation and graphics are quite good here. I think you should try to make a longer movie with this style you presented in this rather short flash. With the right story I'm sure you can create a very high scoring flash.

The story in this flash is quite strange. We can see a person (J-Kellz, most likely) who speaks on his mobile and is propably recording the voice mail you mention in the title of the flash.

However, I think the flash was lacking a bit in it's setting. We can hear various noises in the background as if the guy on the phone was standing in a huge crowd or as if there was a party going on. I think you should've shown more characters on screen instead of only one single guy jumping up and down the whole time.
Maybe some other people just walking past the screen, some flashing lights, some people that go into another room in the background, etc. .
This would make the flash even better in my opinion.

{ Review Request Club }


I'm not one to say the internet phrase lol much, but this actually made me laugh out loud so I feel that it's a good place to use it.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

There was really good animation here and graphics here. You did a great job on the artwork and if you were to make a full length flash I could see your style being really great. With smaller/short flashes they always seem to get forgotten on here no matter how nice the animation and/or artwork was.

~ Story/Content ~

This was really funny like I mentioned up above. The face of the guy on the phone really made me laugh just as much as the phone conversation itself. The guy jumping around in the background was ok, but like Coop said down below it would have been better if you put him in a crowd like you could tell he was in the audio. I would also include the female in there somewhere since you hear her voice quite a lot. (I couldn't tell if she was the one on the phone or in the background. If she was the one on the phone then ignore that comment)

~ Audio ~

I never heard of J-kellz, but it was really funny. There's the normal everyday Dick joke and then there are Dick jokes with style like this. You did a great job on syncing the animation of the mouth with the voice of the audio and the subtitles were a very nice addition even though the audio was clear enough to hear.

~ Overall ~

Very funny all around. I wish there were better ways of getting people to notice submissions like these on newgrounds because they are worth more views for sure.

~ Review Request Club ~

What the hell happened there?

Drunk? Scripted? Completely out of left field? I suspect a little of all three, to be honest.

Some good animation, as usual, with a very good interpretation of the events, but I could have seen a little more work on something like the background. Just seeing the one excited guy jumping around was a little basic and judging by the background noise, there was plenty of people that could have been animated. Perhaps even some captions for some of the shit that he came up with. Dick support? I have no idea, personally... wait, how about Viagra?

Still, a funny piece of audio that you dredged up from god knows where and a decent enough showing from the other aspects. Good stuff.

[Review Request Club]


First of all, nice loader page, still has the "GREEN" touch you always like to go with and that i liked, and it had something that would have been related to the flash, like the cell-phone. so nice touch there, Now i must admitt that this was pretty short, so wont be easy on my to review but i will do my best, so it did make me laugh, and the "AUDIO" was pretty funny and amusing, the guy in the backround jumping around was funny and somewhat random so nice job there, the backround scene was notbad and showed some good effort all around, but i feel that if you took the flash into other and new scenes, like maybe the guy is walking around, throughout the house, while the bouncing guy behind fallowed him, might give it that extra bit humor, aswell as making it somewhat longer, so its just an idea, but might work, either in this or a later version and or update, But anyways i had a fun time with this, you should make more , but try and make em longer if you can.

Have more scenes in it, like him walking around aswell as the bouncing guy, also not really a major thing but the lip animation didnt exactly match up with the audio but i also understand how that can also be a pain so not a big thing.

So overall it was short, but still was amusing.


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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
2:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original