Bull in a China Shop

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What do you get if you take a shop full of china and mix it with a mechanical bull? A whole lot of fun! How long can you stay on the bull? Will you be a champion rider or will you be paying for a lot of broken china?


Maxed out?

After getting to multiplier 78 i realized the speed didnt increase any more past a certain point, i thought then that the idea was to break the plates which would be dumb based on the gameplay but alas twas not the order. I give you 2 because that's what you gave me.

nice idea

it was a cool game, i had fun, and it looked decent, i just think this idea should be more violent or destructive, (have things to get broken instead of just the sound of broken glass, make him get hurt, or hide random power ups in like a vase or glass) but that's just making a suggestion, all in all nice job

It was

Simple but good and addictive!

Button smashing. Dumb.

At first i tried to score good, but it got really monotonous in the end.


I love the premise of the game, I really do, but a lack of instructions to tell the player what to do kills it. Add a guide on how to play please!

Nutter666 responds:

so the words "Hit SPACE here" with an arrow are too hard to understand? really?

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2.10 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
2:04 PM EDT
Skill - Other