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This game is only half complete, and hasn't yet got any sound. There is meant to be over ten platforms, but it's still in development. I'm uploading it because I need some constructive criticisms. If you guys playing can comment on what could be added, and what you liked or disliked about the game, then I would be most grateful. Thanks guys.

Movement = arrow keys

Collect the coursework



Not very good

I really hope that the finished version will be much better than this, because this wasn't enjoyable in the least. My first problem is that it's very easy to get lost because there are no discernible landmarks or a map to help you figure out where you're going. And maybe some kind of story would help to understand the point of this. I realize that this is a game about collecting homework, but maybe you could explain just why there's a guy with rocket-boots flying through the clouds collecting homework instead of just going inside of a school.

And obstacles of some kind would help make this a bit more challenging instead of just flying up and collecting homework.

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Sponge91 responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticisms mate. At least your not like some of the others. There will be a lot more when it's done. And I don't know either why there's a guy with rocket boots. He looked cool at the time :P



Not Bad...

Well first off it would be good if you can add some clouds to the background so you can measure distance and speed, or you could add a map. Also, some type of obstilcles like birds or missles flying around or at you would add a bit a difficulty and challange to the game so it wouldnt be so pointless to collect coursework. A health bar, time limit, or scoreboard would be good.

Sound effect and music obviously, but like you said its only half way done so there's still plenty you can and to it, just put some more time into it and ill be back to play it when your done.

Sponge91 responds:

Thanks for your score mate, and your criticisms. When it's done, it will have all those things. I only had like a month to do all of that, on top of other bits of work I had to do, and it's okay considering the time restaints. Once I get some time I'll get this completed. Thanks for being understanding and patient, unlike some people :P Anyway, thanks again man.



Seems like it would be good, but it is way to easy to get lost. When you finish maybe consider adding something that will help that and possibly help with that.

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Sponge91 responds:

Thanks for the review. I shall add your suggestions and more when it's completed.


I would rather watch paint dry

First of all that wasnt even a game. There was no enemies, no health bar, going down was incredibly slow and the whole idea of collecting courseworks + those ppl on top of the clouds doesnt make any fuckin logical sense.

This game is BAD. I dont even want to see the complete version. I wish i could go back in time and prevent this game from being made! So people who read this review, say no to boring courseworks and the most important: say no to this fucking game.

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Sponge91 responds:

Aww...your so lovely. It's only a piece of college work. I'm not on some sort of educational mission, trying to encourage kids to do their homework. I just made something that'll get me a good grade (which it has). I'm also guessing you've never done a bit of coursework in your life. "...say no to boring courseworks..." you say. What a load of b.s. I guess you would rather watch paint dry, it's probably all your good at. And the reason why it hasn't got health bars etc is because, as I've said in the description, it's half done. It ain't bad, it's not finished.

What ever mate. Have a nice day.

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1.45 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
12:44 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other