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Okay, so remember everyone! This is a compilation of artwork! It is to let active members know that I'm out there and I'm willing to help out. Please do not give bad reviews or bad ratings based on, "Its not a game", or "Theres nothing to play." Thanks in advance!

This is a showcase of artwork I have done over the past couple of years, the best of it anyways. I've seen a few galleries of artwork thrown out there by some big names of Newgrounds, and I thought this would be a great way to show what I'm capable of and what I can do to help other developers. Comments are appreciated, thanks once again!



No music at least???

C01 responds:

I would have added music, but I wasn't sure what to. But really? A 0? As I said, its a gallery of artwork, and you should treat it as so.


I like the way you did your artwork and you gave credit where credit should have been given Ex: 80% Custom etc.

C01 responds:

Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

Absolutely awesome

The artwork was absolutely stunning and very well done :) I give it a 6 only because it is a gallery with no game mechanics :) Well done :)

C01 responds:

I have no game mechanics because it is not meant to be a game. I am showing off artwork of mine to get noticed. I want to help with games later on, but this is a start for me. Anyways, thank you.

Nice detail!

Detail option is in here but I don't see any, so much for the lore side of things.

Good selection but some of the naming is kinda silly like:
Ice kings Wrath: Sounds like a very popular MMO's Expansion if you ask me, should probably be a little more creative.

C01 responds:

Thanks. I am bad with names, always have been. But I will try harder on my names next time.


I like it but it needs music.

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Jun 9, 2010
2:20 AM EDT
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