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Big Gallery of Stuffs

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Okay, so remember everyone! This is a compilation of artwork! It is to let active members know that I'm out there and I'm willing to help out. Please do not give bad reviews or bad ratings based on, "Its not a game", or "Theres nothing to play." Thanks in advance!

This is a showcase of artwork I have done over the past couple of years, the best of it anyways. I've seen a few galleries of artwork thrown out there by some big names of Newgrounds, and I thought this would be a great way to show what I'm capable of and what I can do to help other developers. Comments are appreciated, thanks once again!

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For what this is it's pretty good. All the weapons look very nice and have fine detail. But the actual people all look really weird. Red hulk has good detail but looks really stiff. American son is also stiff but suffers from a really long and thin torso. Deadpools' stance looks crooked and the original character could be improved with some better shading and proportions on the feel and lower legs. But then there's Huo Long. He is all kinds of messed up. The muscles on his torso are all bulgy and uneven around his neck and he's got the same body issues with American Son. And his face looks like it's sinking on one side. The weapons are all fine but the people could still use some work.


you should team up wiht matt-likes-swords the games weapons look a litte dinky


this is great! i love! i would sooo make u my artist but i dont make flash lol! some of the characters eyes were uneven and the shotgun needed more color but otherwise this is perfect! is there a certain program u made these in?

C01 responds:

Adobe Flash CS3, CS4, and I think I made one weapon in CS5. Nothing special, I've just had a couple of years to hone my skills. Thanks though, I appreciate it! The Huo Long character's eyes? They were sorta meant to be, but if any of the rest, then I need to work on that I suppose. And yes, the shotgun was a very simple weapon, and I spent very little time on it. Thanks again man, I appreciate it!

pretty sweet

i loved all the wepon art. you should definately talk to the owners of AdventureQuest amd see if you can get some of your wepons into that game. i think they'd fit in nicely

C01 responds:

You'd be surprised, man. There are a lot of good artists on the Battleon Forums, and even though I'm better than most, it doesn't matter, as AQ won't just simply add artwork to the game. They should, but its pointless to even try as they don't listen.

I can't read anything!

The font used is extremely hard to read! Nice work, though..!

C01 responds:

I apologize! Maybe I'll change it soon and update it. Sorry!