Metal Gear Brotha

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Hah, Front page wow thanks so much :D
Metal Gear Collection!!! Awesome much thanks again!

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Metal Gear Brotha

After a "dramatic" plane scene, Snake is pitted against his brother Liquid Snake in a fight, that has quite an unusual ending.

I've always wanted to create a Metal Gear parody that would rival my horrid animation Metal Gear Support: Virus Troubleshooting I made back in 2007. If you ever want to waste your time going back to MGS:VTS, you may notice some similarities in the backgrounds as well as how the animation starts off, but that's it. Thanks to River and Jerad for providing such excellent recordings.

River Kanoff as Snake (RiverKanoff.com)
Jerad LoveofHate Godreault as Meryl's Stalker
Samson Loftin as Pilot & Commander

Metal Gear Solid; Main Theme from Metal Gear Solid 2 Soundtrack
Metal Gear Solid 2-Boss By Earthbound-Boy
Feelin' Sexy By WyteNoiz
Snake Eater By Cynthia Harrell

The use of the following songs were used in the DeviantArt version
Metal Gear Solid 2: Theme full By dbz-dude
MGS 3: Snake Eater (8-bit mix) By Kevin(kirbyfighter12)

Snake, Liquid, and everything Metal Gear are copyrights of Kojima Productions & Konami




I don't remember hearing the 8-bit version anywhere, but 1st, why did Liquid have a mini-gun? 2nd, If this is MGS1 why did he infiltrate by air while in the game it was by a sub torpedo pod? 3rd, if Ocelot thinks he'll still win with 4 Snakes out there, he's seriously mistaken, you sir have earned yourself 0.055 points.

samsonloftin responds:

TIME PARADOX!! Also thanks for the review!

If you read the Author's Comments I did write that two of the songs were used in the DeviantArt version of the animation.


could have been longer like add a guard joke or something. do enjoy that you added the last part made it more like the games.

samsonloftin responds:

Much thanks for the review and yeah it seems like the length has been an issue according to a lot of the reviews.


It was okay I guess, it was over so fast I couldn't tell.. The voice acting was good, the animation was pretty good too, but if you're going to make a sequel, make it much longer.

Note: If you're going to make an actual sequel, start it off with a phone call to that guy from the ending telling him that they decided to actually make a sequel or something like that.

samsonloftin responds:

I probably will make another MGS parody, but not as a sequel. Of course, this time I'll pace the animation better so the animation doesn't go by so fast.

Good while it lasted

Very short, but hey animating is insanely difficult. I really, really admired the fast-forward scene, absolutely loved that, never seen that gag before and it just made me up this score by 2.

samsonloftin responds:

The animation wasn't suppose to be as short as it was, but I didn't pace the animation well during the second half. Also glad to hear you enjoyed fast-forward scene thanks for the review. Congrats, for being the 100th reviewer, hopefully this time another review won't get deleted.


i can watch it over and over again

samsonloftin responds:

Hopefully you won't I don't want you to get sick of this animation. Also congrats for being the 100th reviewer! Well now you're 99th.

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2010
7:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody