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Metal Gear Brotha

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Hah, Front page wow thanks so much :D
Metal Gear Collection!!! Awesome much thanks again!

=Quality is set to Medium=

Metal Gear Brotha

After a "dramatic" plane scene, Snake is pitted against his brother Liquid Snake in a fight, that has quite an unusual ending.

I've always wanted to create a Metal Gear parody that would rival my horrid animation Metal Gear Support: Virus Troubleshooting I made back in 2007. If you ever want to waste your time going back to MGS:VTS, you may notice some similarities in the backgrounds as well as how the animation starts off, but that's it. Thanks to River and Jerad for providing such excellent recordings.

River Kanoff as Snake (RiverKanoff.com)
Jerad LoveofHate Godreault as Meryl's Stalker
Samson Loftin as Pilot & Commander

Metal Gear Solid; Main Theme from Metal Gear Solid 2 Soundtrack
Metal Gear Solid 2-Boss By Earthbound-Boy
Feelin' Sexy By WyteNoiz
Snake Eater By Cynthia Harrell

The use of the following songs were used in the DeviantArt version
Metal Gear Solid 2: Theme full By dbz-dude
MGS 3: Snake Eater (8-bit mix) By Kevin(kirbyfighter12)

Snake, Liquid, and everything Metal Gear are copyrights of Kojima Productions & Konami



fricken shweet ^^

i will give a 9 just 2 be a rebel but i think this was funny what if metal gear was a multiplayer game? shweet shit yo keep it up

samsonloftin responds:

Thanks for your rebellious review!

I'd give a 7, maybe even a 7.5....

But as people nowadays put 10 on every shit they see, I'm puttin a minus 1 for the overall rating (and I'm way too kind there)
I mean, come on folks if my teachers putted me 10s on every stuff I did that were a little good or just up the middle I'd have a big enough neck to try making politician instead of...well... just bein an ass... I even saw a guy saying "the best parody I ever saw".....

Anyway, style is good, sound quality is very good, but the jokes could really be improved, even the one with your boss calling you is way too classical

maybe I'm becoming a bad person... keep going ^^

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samsonloftin responds:

I can't say much because I'm guilty of reviewing with 10s a lot of the time. However I'd rather read a well written review with low score than read a 10 review that didn't take much effort to write. As long as someone enjoyed the animation such as yourself then I did my job. Thanks for your review!


hahah snake 4... i would do the same hehe good job man

samsonloftin responds:

Sometimes you get sidetrack and your mission takes a turn for the best.

one of the best i've seen.

snake 4 knows what the rel mission is:D

samsonloftin responds:

Snake_4 has his eyes set on the true goal of the mission.


Great animation man, but the voice acting could of done with a little work. But the story... That was horrible, there was some humour in it, but it wasn't really funny though. but all in all was a good clip.

samsonloftin responds:

The voice-acting one my part wasn't so great, but I did think the other voices such as Snake and Liquid were pretty awesome. Glad you found at least some humor in it.

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