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Join The Clock Crew

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i have decided that the clock crew, that is the glorious animation group that submits all of the best animations to the newgrounds,needs more members. i have made ths flash to recruit the more people. to join the clock crew, all you need is flash, so that you can help us fill the portal with quality submissions.

there are two ways to join the clock crew:
1).: make an account at the forums at clockcrew.cc. this is the main clock crew website, where most people go to join the clock crew. after making an account, you will have to wait for six months before you become an official clock. during that time, you will be able to learn how to be a good member by the other clocks on the websuite.

2). don't join the forums. just put 'clock' at the end of your username, and start submitting glorious clock animations to the newgrounds. this is inconvenient, because you cannot post your animations on the forum so that the other clocks can vote 5 on them. you should choose this option if you think want to prove to the other clocks that you don't need their help to submit spam to newgrounds. this option makes you more independant.

whatever method you choose, i hope that you will join the clock crew! we woukld love to have you!

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i love the song you picked for this, and i think its really funny the way you ignored DisarrayPhreak comment.

a glorious film'd

a great, fun, and creative movie for the future of newgrounds, and clock cru.
yet, my man, why it loops?
you could add more to it.
so my complains: 1. too little.
it's too shor t, and also 2., it loop'ed.
why it loops.

othr than that, it's great! i voted five