Robin Hood - Twisted Tale

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ROBIN HOOD, a twisted fairytale. Follow Robin Hood & the gang through this twisted version of the classic story. Can you discover all 4 possible endings?

Click on the differences with your mouse. Once you have found 5 you can continue the story by clicking on Next or look for additional differences. Use the hints if you get stuck. Enjoy!


Great game!

As stated above. I wonder though, what's the point of scores when you can use hints without any score reduction?
Also, I think it would be best if the options menu (during gameplay) would also have the 'fullscreen' option since I accidentally pressed escape.

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I never really liked the "look 4 the difference and click on it" games, but i'm surprised, by how u choose what thing u want 2 do, the only thing was that some parts was very obvious,

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I normally hate search and click games, but this one was particularly well made for its genre. So, I give it a 9. The artwork was great, and the choose-your-own-adventure element was very nice. So too was the fact that you could 'shake' (useful about half the time) or 'Reveal' or 'Skip' if you were just done with the frame which has been missing from every other type of this game I've played. Still though, I'm not convinced that this is the pinnacle of this art-form,

I say that because after I 'won' for the first time I was disappointed. I read the comments from other users and learned (unsurprisingly, given the choices throughout the game) that different endings were possible. I am unwilling to replay the game because I do not enjoy this particular type of game which limits my ability to both be objective and truly enjoy the entirety of your game, but it is what it is for me. Nice job, I look forward to seeing more things made by you.

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Could be better

The story is fine, liked it. All 4 endings.
But the differences itself are twisted.. I expect that background difference would add all the same type. For example, when I click one stone - all the differentiated stones in the nearby area should count as one difference..
And the somewhat longer shapes, clothes part is just annoying, not challenging.

I can imagine how this game was made and the difficulty of the quality of differences. But if you can't do it well - better not to do it at all.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?? So the one where you team up with Prince John and enslave the alien sexbomb is actually the GOOD ending?? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT??? LOL

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Jun 8, 2010
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