[KK] Ben Gunn in Moscow

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Even though the review I previously submitted for this flash was true, useful, and not at all offensive, the KK and their cohorts felt the need to say my review needed to be removed. Well, here I am again. The truth will not be suppressed. KK does not even try. They are spammers who should have their work removed en masse from this site, as well as any other site their cancer has spread. The truth hurts, and should be heard. I still maintain that there should be a petition to change the way flash is rated. If it does not maintain a minimum score of 1.75, the flash should be removed. That may seem harsh, but it would cure the disease that is Kitty Krew.

come on now, this is just so bad

you put forth no effort and there is nothing creative about it. actually work on a video before you submit it!

PLEASE, make something not half-assed for once

I cannot give this any stars. It is embarassing, childish and pathetic. You probably are capable of better, so DO BETTER!! Use adobe flash, It works for me.


Cmon guys...Why do you guys spend 5 minutes on animation then post it on Newgrounds? Are you guys just doing it to break a world record of flashes blammed? Seriously, please start taking time in your animation. You guys have the capabilities, so don't do things like this. There was only one animation, and that was the intro. Music wasn't good. 0/10

Ben Gunn in Newgrounds?

Well, I have to take into consideration the music and graphics, are good, but what is remarkable is that your submissions donĀ“t have creativity as typically are other flashes KK, all are the same thing, a man landing for the photo and graphics background probably bought from the Internet. I.e. don't have something new to show.

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0.04 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2010
6:40 PM EDT