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I'm playing video games

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Just when you thought you could join your friend playing video games..

My second of my may-be-more-of-these "I'm"-animations. Hope you like it though it's not a very long one, but at least it's my kinda random humor..

Hey! Don't forget to see the first one, too! "I'm watching TV"!:D

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I think that's what happens to you when you play too much video games, especially losing in a video game...


believe me,I've felt like this before!(i haven't done it though)


nice one ^_^

unexplained anger!!!!! not really

that's pretty nice and i really hate when people get such a big head over a win. i mean i ain't gonna kill my friend but i do think about it sometimes >:) it could have been a lot longer but i think it was a decent length for htis kinda thing. i personally think it would be pointless to make a long fight that makes no sense unless it modeled the game they were playing.

Its Accurate.

It is short. I think it could be improved, made more realistic.

But for the most part, I get so pissed off when this happens. All a friend does is invite you to a game to play it. He uses a strategy which you would have no idea how to use, and can't win without. He then has an elevated sense of self esteem. Any sort of exstatic-ness gets a 'screw this, I'm not playing', although the feeling is much like this. Especially considering the guy on the right won in a splitsecond each time. 8/10, because it would be a lot better if it was around 30 seconds longer.

Khrinx responds:

Wow, thanks for a real review-kind of comment! I believe the shortness is some because of that I made him throw the TV, and then thought.. Oh s***, I made him kill him already! Haha.. But yeah, it really should be longer, I'll work on that (: