Catnarok- Longcat Rampage

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...For those who came in early, I am sorry about messing up the file and posting a bad version, twice.
This should be good now though.

I created this game as part as a challenge to create a game as fast as possible, so it isn't really very complicated, but hopefully it will entertain you a few minutes and make you smile with the cameos of Internet memes.

Click on the ennemies, or push a letter key with the mouse cursor over them to destroy them with eyebeams and get experience. You can then buy upgrades such as the shoop da woop mouth cannon!

I don't expect this game to be a megahit considering how fast I put it together, but I am interested on your opinion on this. I think it could deserve a more refined episode 2, maybe with a more "aim and shoot" gameplay instead of clicking, to bring some variety.
But for now this version will do to test the idea and see your feedback.


Hard For Me, But Addicting!

I know this had been said before, but a pause button would be really nice during the game and a mute button also. Other than that, great game!

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the game freezes! O.o

Awesome game but it freezes when you use shoop after a while... atleast for me xD
I cant die and the score just keeps ticking up

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You Should include boss battles. like mabye the Rick Roll.Like mabye. YOUVE BEAT THE GAME then it goes never gonna give you up. or you could make a pausething too.. . and like what everyone else is saying. More memes.

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i really want to give this a 10..

but there are a few drawbacks.

No pause button
Maybe after every round pause the game to check xp or something

a mute button would be nice(iknow theres one in the beginning, i was talking about during the game)

there is a pretty good amount of enemies but more is always nice-same goes for upgrades!-

seeing memes in there was pretty damn awsome, like i said more would be cool!

what about tacgnol?(black longcat) it would be cool to have him as a end boss..and besides wouldnt it be him doing all the killing considering he is considered the evil one?

in the next one try and have bosses for levels i think it would be much cooler to play then just level after level. like lvl 50 or something and maybe have the end bosses be memes..like mudkipz, anteater, techno viking(he would be pretty hard-and remember the music dances to him-), etc.

other than that its really good! quite addicting actually.. well goodluck on #2!

Awesome indeed. :D

(Made top 20 on today and the week's scoreboard. Cool!)

5/5, 8/10 The eight comes from lack of an ending/boss fight & repetitive background music, but overall, I definitely liked this game a lot.

I really enjoyed this game the whole time I played it, despite its simplicity. Even though you say it was put together quickly, it's evident that you did put effort into it. The first few waves/levels/introductions of new enemies felt really good; just as I was getting used to one, something new came along to catch me off guard. Maybe continue to introduce new enemies, phasing out the 'easier' ones from early levels as Longcat progresses.

Definitely think you can find some great music on-site/collab with an NG music artist to amp up the music/atmosphere of the game. While I caught a few of the references, a few more "well-known" internet memes would be a nice touch.

A sequel including more cat-lore (ex: Ceiling, Basement, Monorail cat, etc.) or internet memes (Courage Wolf, Pedo Bear) just for fun would be hilarious. More "aim and shoot" controls, power-ups and different attacks/weapons would all be great improvements. Looking forward to the return of Longcat. :D

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4.09 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2010
2:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail