Catnarok- Longcat Rampage

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...For those who came in early, I am sorry about messing up the file and posting a bad version, twice.
This should be good now though.

I created this game as part as a challenge to create a game as fast as possible, so it isn't really very complicated, but hopefully it will entertain you a few minutes and make you smile with the cameos of Internet memes.

Click on the ennemies, or push a letter key with the mouse cursor over them to destroy them with eyebeams and get experience. You can then buy upgrades such as the shoop da woop mouth cannon!

I don't expect this game to be a megahit considering how fast I put it together, but I am interested on your opinion on this. I think it could deserve a more refined episode 2, maybe with a more "aim and shoot" gameplay instead of clicking, to bring some variety.
But for now this version will do to test the idea and see your feedback.


A poor game with funny a kitty

I liked the game a lot 'cause the kitty looks freakin' hilarious shooting those laser beams from it's eyes but the gameplay it's nothing special or unseen before so it's good but bad (if you know what I mean . . .)


I had to play this game because it had a cat lol, but I thought it was good, it got a little too crazy with too many enemies, but that's how it is in every game. I thought it was good, not spectacular, but good enough to keep my attention!

Pretty good, big glitch though.

I got all my upgrades at level 27.
At level 37, I guess I shot something during a shoopdawoop, and now the lazor beams are stuck. There's a flurry of enemies and I have no visible hp, but longcat is still alive and it's at level 40 now.

Otherwise, really nice game, love the memes, keep making epic games.
My score is aprox. 880000 @ time of writing.


i really liked it.
i was in level 36
and suddenly i couldn't shoot anymore because of some bug i think.
Of course with the massive number of enemies coming at me, i died,
and that made me feel like as if all the time i wasted was for naught.


this would make a shockwvae on 4chan. you should make a link on the website to this web page so they can play it (and possibly attract the meme creators here :O)

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4.09 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2010
2:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail