The Annoying Little Game

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Chasing the Unicorns 5 Points

Trippin' Balls

Weakling 10 Points

Die 37 times

Ain't Gonna Cut It 25 Points

Survive the cave of blades

Admirable Patience 50 Points

Finish the game

Invincible 100 Points

Finish the game with no deaths

Author Comments

I have finally completed my first platformer game. It's been pleasure working on this and thanks a lot to Brian Holmes (thatcomposerguy) for composing the awesome music for this.This game has taken lots of my spare time but I'm glad of the effort I've put in it.

The rules are simple, reach the final checkpoint. On your way, however, you'll encounter numerous fiendish traps and nasty contraptions that'll at the very least aggravate you. To keep you playing though I've added the NG medal feature (should work), so have fun earning medal points.

All in all, feel free to comment, feedback is always appreciated!


Unicorns *o*

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Title is well adopted, this game IS annoying.

To folks out there complaining about difficulty...
1- It's supposed to be hard. Deal with it!
2- The "slippery" pace is part of it, in fact, it caused most of my deaths, so without it, the game would have been much easier.
3- There's a walkthrough on YT on how to beat it 0-death. If you can't do even then, then YOU S*CK.
4- Don't compare this with IWBTG. This is a breeze in comparison. I'll take you simply never played IWBTG to say that.

This game would deserve much more, if it wasnt so buggy and when I feel down because I couldnĀ“t jump from some reason the checkpoint reseted so I thought ok fk this.

where the reset button so i don't have to refresh all the time for the last medal??

Poorly programmed.

This isn't annoying simply because it tries to be. Limbo was the same, and that game was awesome. However, what Limbo didn't do was employ controls that were so unresponsive that it was almost impossible to pull off a jump at the right time and speed, which is especially unforgivable in this game considering just how many of those leaps require pin-point accuracy. Also, just the one track that loops (with about ten minutes of silence in between) and no sound effects is simply amateurish.

Challenge is not an excuse for incompetence. Try harder next time.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2010
11:24 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other