big battle 2

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Watch it
Enjoy it
Love it
Etc. it


me yes (mi sim) okay


i do not understand this animation. all we saw was one five second fight between lee and guy. then naruto and lee running to some random place then sasuke and lee talking in a language that i dont even know. and over all it was to short.
there is not enough of a video to understand what everyone was doing.
this is not a big battle

too short

you animated the sprites well and its a cool concept but its too short and nothing really happens if u just spent a little more time into making it a bit longer with some more fighting it would be a good flash


last part doesnt make much sense to me. i dont understand the language

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Seeing Naruto and a Sonic face on the loading screen was an instant turn off. Sonic, Naruto, DBZ, and Bleach sprite movies have been done to DEATH.
I've made sprite movies before, so I know how easy it is, especially with the very well made modern sprites and websites dedicated to distributing the sprites. You don't have to do much work to make a sprite movie (especially with these popular series), and you really didn't. The movements were stiff/rigid. Contrary to the title, there was barely any fighting. This was stupid.
The movie made no sense. This site is in English and its audience is mostly English-speaking, so you should add English subtitles. Even so, there was hardly any dialogue, so I doubt it would make the story much better.

Make something worth watching next time. This has no heart or anything. It's just an effortless, empty sprite movie. Anyone could make this within an hour.

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Jun 5, 2010
8:44 PM EDT