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CHICAGO -- FBI agent Neji Hyuuga is on a mission -- stop a jade phoenix from being stolen from the Chicago Field Museum by the Japanese yakuza, which is rumored to hold instructions capable of bringing about the destruction of all order in Japan. To do that he needs to steal the emerald figure himself without anyone noticing. Except it seems someone else has that same plan. Someone in skintight black leather, with her hair in two buns and a disturbing ability to pull sharp steel out of nowhere. Someone named Tenten...

Neji and Tenten (from the anime/manga Naruto) in a ten page, six issue comic, entitled "Out of Heaven."

...And you guys, this is going to be So Awesome that I made a flash trailer for it. Yeah, like a movie trailer, except for a comic. XP

Except. Ehrm. I originally posted this trailer September 19, 2008 on a different site and the comic still isn't finished so...yeah. Well, the trailer is hopefully fun to watch anyway! It's a definite improvement from the Disney one in terms of art quality, at least.

There are also two easter eggs in this trailer. One of them is "simple" to find if...you're HTML savvy, the other requires a bit of pop culture knowledge (or some lucky clicking) and apparently is harder to attain than I originally thought when I first made the flash. But y'all here at Newgrounds are flash experts, right? ;D


Well done

Just on virtue of style, execution and the way this was done this flash is good. What few shortcuts or errors in drawing are not really problematic. And it suits the characters in the way you did it. Well done x)

Toboe-LoneWolf responds:

Thank you! I think this is the most...drawing intensive flash I've done.

Really good

I started watching without reading the comments. At first, I was like: "Why does the guy look like Neji and the girl look like Ten-Ten?" Then I got to the part where it was naming the rest of the cast and I went, "Oh." Then I read your comments.

Really well done. I could easily recognize every character. Transitions were good and I like the noir style. The opening, I think, was darker than it needed to be (the purple could have been brighter against the black, for example). Dramatic doesn't necessarily mean dark-as-possible. I think greater contrast would help.

Toboe-LoneWolf responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I know I have some constrast issues but the laptop that I use to work on this Flash has an insanely bright monitor that...even when messing with the settings I can't really tell how well the color contrast works. :/ Thus, the slight message at the beginning of the flash.

One day, in the few future, I will have a new desktop with a decent monitor and everything will work. XD



Toboe-LoneWolf responds:

Thank you!

epic >.<

i gotta say when i saw that this took place in chicago it immediatly got my attetion
i also think your animation is amzing and you have awesome potential
personally i cant wait to actually see this come out
and also one more thing dont dissapoint us now by never posting it up

Toboe-LoneWolf responds:

Yeah, all of the city background sequences (except for 1 shot) are legit Chicago cityscapes. :D I love Chicago!

Actually, this is a trailer for a comic, not a full movie. Although the comic is kind of stalled too... >> we're working on it.


Nice! I love this ; and I could draw if you want ;)

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