Mass Effect 2 Parody

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Hey guys well I thought I would do a parody on Mass Effect 2 another new favourite game of mine.

My favourite female character in the game was Tali and so I thought it was fitting that I picked on her.

This was the first time I used my voice and it was scary as hell. Don't laugh.

I need male voice actors badly and Mali. I can now lend you my voice if you want. but warning to you, I sould like a yobbo.

Hope you like it kiddies.

all characters belong to Mass effect 2 (bioware)
except Roger Wlico who belongs to Sierra
and Death Star belongs to (starwars)

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well im sure that quarians do not have geth heads but the geth were made somewhat in the quarians image, you can tell this by the way quarians look somewhat like the geth such as their legs and hands and perhaps their body.and if you want to see tali's real face go to mass effect wiki.com and type in tali and you will see her real face.


I am also a big mass effect fan. i romanced tali!!

littlegoblet responds:

my male shep romanced Tali :D I had a fem shep who romanced Thane.


9/10 i love tali but i also like geth talk to legion he tells you the one you fight are not geth he is the only geth left i really like legion as well

No, dude.

This was awful. It seems like you just decided to play around in flash then started drawing Mass Effect characters, then used Audacity to raise your voice pitch while you made up lines. Trust me, this isn't worth the effort you didn't put into it. If you had actually decided to research the game for ideas, then made a serious effort, then this may have been a decent parody. I'm not trying to bash you, but this wasn't even close to anything remotely funny, and the high-pitched voice thing never works like this, it's only an annpoyance. Also, if you had played the game, you would know that QUARIANS AREN'T GETH. Legion is Geth, Tali is Quarian. I know it's just a parody, but it doesn't work if you break canon. I'm sure you could have made this funny, but it's not...

Again, I didn't write this to be mean, I wrote it to help you in the future. I'm sure people are just going to flag this review anyway, but I want it to be known that it's not inteded to hurt you.

littlegoblet responds:

thats ok basicly everything you said was true. My heart wasn't in this at all but I thought it would be funny to make out that Tali was geth because the Quarians where the ones who created them so that maybe they would have the same characteristics even though logic tells me that was highly unlikly. So yeah this was just a lame joke. I used the high pitch voice cause I hate the sound of my voice. and as for graphics I did short cuts where ever I could. I didn't even bother to have the voice in sync. I probably should have just did a comic on this and not bother with animation realy lol. so no hurt feelings buddy. Lately however I have been investing alot of effort on the game I want to make. Hopefuly it will be a great improvement but my animating skills will still suck unfortunatly. :D

Quarian -> Geth

That would explain visual appearance of the Geth

littlegoblet responds:

yeah I thought in some cases it could have been a possibility, especially with the hands and feet. If you look closely they are very similar. Not the head however. that was highly exaggerated lol.

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Jun 5, 2010
7:07 AM EDT
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