Platform Sandbox Beta v.8

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Edit: New v.8 added!
In this version, the enemies are added, coins are added, etc, etc. Basically the GDK, the Game Development Kit (Not full) and it works best if you have a fast computer, 'cos there's a huge lag in the game even on my 2 GHZ comp, with 3GB ram.
Press M for music options!
To use the GDK, press the + button, then click on any one thing you would like to add. Then, hold the X Key and move the mouse to position the object. Release the X Key to let go.
Give me more ideas! Come on! Constructive criticism accepted!

------- PlatformSandBox ---------
This game, is, as its name suggests, a platformer + a sandbox. You have no objective, and you can do whatever you want in this game. You can hop on platforms, fall on the ground, change your character's look, change the gravity, create an infinite gravity loop, destroy stuff, go through "blocks" (as if you are a ghost, a.k.a "one-way" block), and much more.
(Note: The custom cursor has another use apart from making the cursor look fancy -- find out!)

-- Instructions --
LEFT Key = Move your character left.
RIGHT Key = Move your character right.
UP and DOWN Keys = Had a purpose, but now removed.
SPACE Key = Jump.
S Key = Fan :D
M Key = Music Selection
X Key + GDK = Position
TAB Key = (Don't cheat.) Help.
CONTROL Key = Respawn your character, handy if you encounter a bug.

#a1 - To add a block, refer to the inbuilt tutorial (TAB) or follow this:
Notice the rectangle at the bottom? That's the TOOLBOX. There are many other smaller squares inside. To add a block, click on any ONE square in the TOOLBOX, and --- notice the field surrounded by
the red blocks? that's the SANDBOX PLAYFIELD --- then click on the SANDBOX PLAYFIELD.

Do the same to add a gravity changer (the arrows). (Hint: They change the gravity in the direction they're pointing in :D)
You can open the "OPTIONS" by pressing the SHIFT Key. I couldn't include it in the tutorial :(
In the OPTIONS, you can allow blocks to be "one-way": allow the character to go through them, but still support him when he falls, you can allow blocks to be "destroyable": jump on them a random amount of times, depending on which block you choose, and it will be destroyed. Don't worry, you can respawn the blocks again! Just refer to the technique on #a1.
You can also respawn the character in the options menu.

Think you can make a better game? Then PM me and I'll give you a login to the developer den on the platform sandbox site so that YOU can help develop the game (and I'll add YOUR username in the credits, too. Just send me the FLA on the dumping grounds and PM me the link after you finished developing it)

The platform sandbox site: http://platformsandbox[do t]yolasite[dot]com[slash]

~ Gimmick

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maybe you could add traps or a campaign well anyways it looks like a good game


No real progress as of far, I mean, I look forward to the full game, but currently not looking great, but I can tell you (or someone else) can improve it, but currently, meh.
5//10, 3/5

Pretty weak game

I'm really not feeling it, the preloader was odd, I mean how come we have to wait for it to officially load up then we have to wait an additional 15 seconds or so for the music to load and all that? I didn't like the music, you're meant to be creating this new brand of platform creation, so don't drag other copyrighted brands into it to confuse things. Also, this is version 8? I wonder what version 1 was like...Keep at it, hopefully with a few more version it will come together a bit more, good luck in future projects.

Gimmick responds:

Um...the preloader inside the preloader is just an initializer, but....this isn't version 8. It's version 0.8.


I have the strangest feeling that I would like this game so much better if it didn't lag like a mofo! Also, music could use some work, I'd love to know who put together these mixes and maybe more options if possible?

Gimmick responds:

I don't know why the game lags so much! If only someone could tell me why!


Okay, so now I know it lags on older computers.


Interesting, especially because I have been having a hard time with coding my platformer lately. Though, I dont think im going to get it from your source code unfortunately :/ How come when you hold down jump, the player barely floats down to the ground as opposed to falling like when you arnt holding down jump?

Very very intesting though. Fix that problem and whatever else needs to be done. I will definitely be checking out your site!
Good luck and thanks for sharing

Gimmick responds:

Thanks! The "hold SPACE button" bug isn't a bug at all. I forgot to mention in the comments that if you hold SPACE, then your character'll open the "invisible" parachute :)

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2010
1:32 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle