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Mario Meets Goomba

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Author Comments

I decided to make a series out Mario meets ________. This is the second in the series although i don't think the order you watch them in will matter. The first one is mario meets yoshi.

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After Your review on my Flash series and looking at yours i think i understand your reviews. but that's not important *Ahem*

*Actual Review*
Despite this being short this was dead on point logically and comedy wise as well. The matrix slow mo thing has always been dumb to me and i'm glad to see someone finally made a charecter pay for it. Nice job

HAHAHAHHA Too bad it's quite short

I mean really like why would someones Penis get F***ed up and just die?

Alexman159 responds:

you might pass out if you got speared in the dick


Slowmo is bad XD

Alexman159 responds:

hmm indeed


so he met a spiny too? Where has the world come to... was pretty neat though... wish i could do stuff like that

Alexman159 responds:

yea i guess he met both


that was funny but needs more work next time

Alexman159 responds:

in what ways?