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Escape the Hell

rated 3.24 / 5 stars
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Jun 4, 2010 | 2:20 AM EDT

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Malicious demons have stolen elders of an Elven tribe to torture with their terrible machines of tortures. The leader of a tribe has sent the best soldiers to rescue them. Do not allow the demons to torture elders, help soldiers to rescue them as soon as possible. 30 levels!

Move the mouse to aim. Click the left mouse button and hold to stretch the spring. Release the left mouse button to execute the Elf's jump. Aim so that Elf's heads touched each others.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It is fun... ish... But it also has bugs. And admitadly the hero elves being naked is kind of odd. I also do agree with what turret tyrany had to say about it being more fun to kill them then let them live, and about the annoying wait while they are walking. I did finish the game, and I do have some suggestions.

1. You already know about the problem with the bodies never landing here are some other bugs.
- Ragdoll (elf) gets stuck inside of other hanging elf.
- Ragdoll gets stuck inside of scenery element
- Ragdoll fails to walk onto platform to be shot(even though he is standing)
- Ragdoll fails to leave the screen after he gets back up.
Personally I thought the ragdoll physics felt a bit off as well, but that is just my oppinion, and I found hitting into body parts or other ragdolls that were fired annoying when it was scenery elements that were making them bounce. I suppose that was the point but it was more annoying than anything.
- And a non-gameplay related bug, if you turn off the sound after the game has started and restart it, the music stays off. I prefer this because I found the music annoying but wanted the sounds.
2. Add a reset button please. It is annoying to have to go to the menu when you know you have lost a level, or when something freezes. For that matter, why bother with lives when you can simply restart?
3. Polish the look of your characters, environment, and wounds some, not required, but it would be nice. And by that I don't mean make them more visibly naked. I mean just smooth away some of the edges, keep their faces damaged when they turn to the side. Maybe make the blood spray or stay.
4. In all honesty you should also check your scoring, some of the easy levels gave you more points for staying alive, and some of the hardest ones gave you squat.
5. If you are going to have scores, may as well have a high score table.
6. Rather than giving you points for the number of lives you still have, why not take away points for loosing lives. Or better yet, make some levels where you are required to loose lives, but to score well you have to stay under a certain number of losses(i.e. par lives).
7. Consider making more levels, more expansive levels (using smaller characters or a larger screen), and adding some puzzle elements
8. Add a key to switch units without just firing them at nothing.
9. Expand the story, the end shouldn't just be the end.
10. Expand player interaction with the environment (this also falls under puzzle elements), but even to the effect of different color elves alter things in different ways.
11. Put some clothes on the hero elves.
12. Sepperate the music and sound mutes.

Well those are my thoughts on it. Good try, good luck on your next one.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good concept...

I played another game by the same person, same game play as well - and same problems. 1. Why are the guys naked? It made sense in the alien version, but not here. 2. PLEASE speed up the walk speed or skip the animations completely. I'd really like to play this game, but I can't sit through more than a few levels. The game is 80% wait time.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

More fun to lose than win

It's more fun to be demonic and cause as much pain as possible. That should be the goal of the game, just change the scoring so the goal is to kill them in the most gorey way possible.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


Yeah, the bug cheweymoto may be referring to is when the characters get caught in the air the hanging elves and won't come back down. This prevents further game play. But a great fun bloody game otherwise!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

it's okay, but

it would be nice if all the animations could be skipped, say by a mouse click.
it's not fun to wait for all the little figures to get up, or walk out, or walk in.

it's not a bad concept, just needs refinement