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Bounce Madness

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Bounce madness is like vsing pong at yourself with a little kick added to it. Move your paddle up and down and left and right to keep the ball in the screen. Rockets and arrows will try knock your ball out!

NOTE : Read the instructions before leaving a review. You can press UP and DOWN to switch between top and bottom this does change the entire game :\

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125 seconds

This game is alright. Seems pretty tough to me though.


not bad pretty goodbut heres what works good tar tar tar tar tar tar tar this game isnt mega retarded without tar


It was alright. The minigames kind of sucked, especially the color one.
70% of the balls couldn't be hit because they were in the wall. The game might be a little challenging for some, but it wasn't incredibly hard.


If people are having trouble with the controls its a failure on your part, not theirs. You should know most of newgrounds users are retarde and can't read tutorials. You need to simplify things or force a simple tutorial with plenty of pretty pictures.

That said, I don't think the game had much substance. It did not vary enough. Also you really need ASWD key controls when using the mouse ( if your right handed like most people). And what was there just wasn't that fun..

However, Id like to say, it did show some promise.. I think it needs a lot of work to really get there though. I think there is so much going on, on the screen you may want to just ditch the paddle and make the walls into spikes. Press mouse to fire, which also moves your guy backwards.

I liked the idea though of the mini games.. I played the first two, the first one is kind of flawed since you can just easily gather all the balls against the wall and just sit there waiting for more to spawn. The 2nd one was just really really hard to control, like the rest of the game.

Overall 6/10, theres an effort was shown but the game just didn't quite make it.. Don't cram too many mismatched ideas into one game :P

Eggy responds:

Reminds me of how people ate boiling hot bake beans out of the microwave then sued the can company for not having an instruction saying it would be hot after heating it up.