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I was doing good at this at first but I got bored of it. It would have been much longer but you'll see how rushed the last fight is. This is just a 1 ep thing I don't feel like making a whole series. This took me way to long to do but here it is. Enjoy guys.



The only problem was that the text with sigma not only was difficult to read, but it changed and disappeared too fast. There was not enough time to read it. Other than that, just watch your grammar. Make sure you sentence make sense. there were a few there that took me a few tries to understand. Other than that, it was good.

couldn't read purple text

that was the only REAL problem. otherwise pretty good show. i like how you use sprites to make videos. i wanted to make one with punch out sprites but i can't think of a story that would be fun for them and be worth working on.


i liked the story line. i think the only thing i didn't like was the words all everywhere and they went by really fast. it<d be nice if you slowed them down for the slow readers like me :p keep up the amazing animations

DjangoEX responds:



This is decent. I did get bored with the story though. Good sprite animation and fluid battle scenes.

DjangoEX responds:

-_- It was like 4 minutes don't see how you got bored.

Too Bad

You know it's really too bad, if you started doing the sprite flashes you'd get pretty good from what I see it's a decent story and kept me going untill the end, I don't like the words all over the screen like that, but again if it's a first pretty good for a first, I can't do any sort of animation So very good job!

I do hope you plan on doing something even if it's not another megaman flash.


DjangoEX responds:

Wait, I'm not sure what you are saying. You want me to do a flash thats not megaman or what? I'm still doing sprite flashes I just got bored in the middle of makeing this particular flash but now I may try making a flash thats not megaman.Check out my others!

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3.24 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2010
10:19 PM EDT