Revenge of the Twins

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Alex and Ryan are two excellent high school street fighters who battle for justice on the steets. With intentions like that come formidable opponents. Randy and Andy, the Dragon Twins, are such opponents. These two down-and-dirty thugs sport fantastic fighting skills and seek to not only control the streets, but terrorize cities and schools. When they went for River City High, they were taken down by Alex and Ryan. Unable to accept their defeat, the Twins now hunt Alex and Ryan for vengeance and to prove how strong they really are.

After an entire year of spurts of development, I finally got this done.

This was an INCREDIBLY difficult movie to work on. The entire thing is a fight. Three and a half minutes of nonstop action. That means a lot of the movie had to be done frame-by-frame, which SUCKS. But it's done now.

FPS: 15.5
Runtime: About 4 minutes
Scenes: 10
Made with Flash MX 6


Great fight!

A great action scene man! Some moves were quite original....I even saw some customised spriting here and there. Nice job!
I think the running time is as good as it is.....it didnt got boring and was really fun to look at it.
Lovely soundtrack...the music of the DD2 shadow boss but then with electric guitar! I loved it and it's a good choice. And some sounds of the original classic RCR and DD games. Very good.
The FPS at 15,5 surprises me....it looks very smooth! Great job there! It looks like its running at 24 fps imo.

Improvement tips:
- Maybe more interaction with background objects.
- More fight locations

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Liked it!

I'm a huge RCR fan, so I pretty much had to like this. The animation wasn't super impressive or anything, but It was good n' entertaining, and I liked how you didn't stray TOOO far from how the game actually works.


Twinned with Action

The flash is about two pairs of individuals who engage in melee fist fights. The concept is of unprecedented violence and open field action. Your clear explanation as to the story in your introduction helps set the scene perfectly. The effort you've put into this clearly shines through its fantastic length.

Normally there are moments in a flash which I favour over others. However it is difficult to compare scenes and moments because everything happens with such sonic fluidity. However the speed of the action is manageable to the eyes.

The variable use of the environment though kept the flash amusing and unpredictable, however adding more locations or altering {or adding to} the atmosphere by taking the fight to more locations would have made the experience more memorable.

Now there is a major problem with the graphics; it's obvious. Using pixels does not display professional capabilities, however the design of the various layers captured the essences well. Most of the time the pixels blended in but looking at jagged squares is frustrating and cheap - but the superb animation makes this forgivable. The frame rate is acceptable. Also the most important thing, the identification of where physical contact is, has been created almost flawlessly. Coupled with generic, but textured details, and the result is a fully competent and complete visual experience.

Your choice of audio shows some consideration to the genre. It felt like cheesy action music found in a bland hero flick, but this is a pixel / videogame inspired piece and therefore it felt more suitable. Your sound effects seemed awesome and complimented the action entirely with consistent and well toned hits and smacks, plus an array of miscellaneous noises - all at the right volume level and at the right time.

Personally there is a sense of satisfaction in undisrupted combat, so I've favourited this. But honestly it can be easy to overrate it. It's 'only' pixels and it is impossible to escape that fact. However you've achieved something that is incredibly immersing and enjoyable to watch and/or stare at. You've prepared this and executed this incredibly well and the result is a long, almost epic movie that is comfortable and pleasant to view.

* * * * * * * ( 7 - 10 ) "Creditable"

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Razor-Guardian responds:

I don't even know what to say to this besides Thank You.


Glad these dudes weren't in Double Dragon. I never would've gotten past the first level!


It was well animated, there was very little wrong with it, but it was a sprite fight scene. It was not very original at all, I've seen almost exactly the same thing hundreds of times, hence the score of three.

The animation was fine, it's best to use a framerate over 20 though or it can be choppy if it's not really well done. The drawing was sprited so I won't comment on how good it is, but you seem to have used jpeg format images with sprites. That's a very bad idea because it will bleed the colours and make it look awful, it wasn't too bad in this case but use png or tiff for anything over 8bit and gif for anything below with sprites. The sprites looked very similar as well, you might want to try using different sprites for each character or colouring them differently.

Reasonably well made, but nothing I haven't seen before.

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Razor-Guardian responds:

I see what you mean with the JPG - the background. I didn't notice that until it was too late.

Thanks for the detailed review.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2010
8:38 AM EDT