Logic Puzzle

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Hello. If you like logic puzzles then this is a game for you.
I only have 1 right now.
If people like this I will add more.
Anyways...if you dont like logic puzzles, then dont play this game.
If you dont know what a logic puzzle is....
it is where you have to find out a certain thing that is asked by using process of elimination.
I hope you like this and have fun.



I have two books of these in my closet that never get read because I never could get one right. But I did this one corectly! Probably because if I make a mistake on THIS, I can change it, and you can't on paper. Put together some more of these, I would like to see em!

It's like you learn how to do this stuff in kindogaden yet for some reason it seems diffacult when put together with multiple problems that all tie in... MORE!!!


This puzzle was easy and yet simply entertaining what an awesome combo .

Make another!

I love thesse kind of puzzles, please make another.

Ugh. I'm stuck

I love these kind of games. They really make me think. I I just weren't sleepy I'd finish this in no time... I think I'm one of these teenagers that sleeps late on weekends too, eh? Just that this time, it isn't a weekend, I just don't have school tomorrow =)

Kinda Easy

But very nice, hope to see more soon, love these thingys

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3.35 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2002
1:34 PM EDT
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