Touch The Bubbles 3

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Big slash 10 Points

Pop 10 bubbles with one slash

Sword school 10 Points

Do 5 slashes in one level

Wind element 10 Points

Make all bubbles move in level selector

Manager 25 Points

Get a score of 50.000 in one level

Bonus levels 50 Points

Beat the highscore mode to unlock the bonus levels

Gold miner 50 Points

Get a score of 100.000 in one level

Ninja 50 Points

Do 12 slashes in one level

Rich daddy 50 Points

Get a score over 500.000 in hi-score mode

Sword master 50 Points

Do 3 big slashes in 1 level

Maniac gamer 100 Points

Beat highscore mode with no continues used

Wizard 100 Points

Beat all bonus levels

Author Comments

[EDIT] - Everybody we are very sorry but we can't figure out why Super Slash medal not works on NG... It's really confusing for us because all other medals works same way!

Hello! Our new game is here! We create a new step in avoiding games. Now u can touch walls. Collect bubbles.

[MUSIC] - The first music track by Blik is originally written for the game and not available anywhere yet. The two other songs is on my other site arseniymusic.com - Newga, Z-LEV43.



game is very good a big challenge to beat bonus levels , but i did it!!!!!

GameBalance responds:



Addictive. Fun. Awesome and well done game. Enjoyed it. 4/5.

Awesome but you must fix the bugs.

-----------FIRST REVIEW-----------
This is awesome.pop the bubblez!
thats interesting game,but this game sure has bugs.BUT its nice.
dude you MUST fix the bugs! i just got "GOLD MINER" but this game a little boring :(
OK.i voted 5.

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GameBalance responds:

well. we try better each time

Really a Great Game

Adrenaline starts to rise when the level of 17 or more
Hahahaa.. but, i really enjoy it, every second level

Good Job 5/5

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GameBalance responds:

I glad!

Great Game

I got addicted and played this for a while, and a game capable of that is generally a good game. Some levels didn't have to be as hard as they are, such as bonus level 5. I beat that one, but just by luck. If there is some sort of pattern to it, then I didn't catch it. Staying around the outside helps, since only a few of those blocks go on the outside.

Anyways, besides a few levels that were a little too difficult, it was a good game. 9/10, and 5/5!

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GameBalance responds:

actually outside u always safe. and yeah there is patern of 8 steps!

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4.29 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2010
4:36 AM EDT
Skill - Collect