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Edit: Thanks for the frontpage Tom :3
and for all of those asking for control explanation, don't skip the intro! click to jump, mouse to move and space to attack!
sorry about the lag issue, i'll work it out next time


So after three weeks in the newgrounds office, being taught AS2 by Tom himself this is my first game: Philly Phlash Mob. Control a flash mob through the streets dodging obstacles and defacing buildings and flipping a bus!
Thanks for all who supported this and for wacky office adventures please read the blog:
http://spacebolt.blogspot .com
<3 SPace


WTF Is Up With Some Of These People!

Ive only ever made one flash game and it was worse than this and that took me ages. So people seriously need to stop complaining.

For a n00b to flash, it isnt that bad. If people actually took the time to realise where people have to start when creating flash games then they would noticed that its probably just as good as what some of the top flash programmers came up with when they first started.

So all in all good effort! Im giving you a 10 because you wasnt afraid to show people your first creation even though it isnt at a standard(yet) to compete with some of the top flash games out there.

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SPace responds:

haha yeah, kids and their sense of entitlement. but i can't just let people on the internet be mad at me so i guess i better make a better one! and i guess i better learn AS3...

tough at first

then I got the hang of it and stopped being a whiny bitch.

Admittedly not the greatest game, but I had some level with fun with it. My only problem is that everyone seems to be caught by the car but me and one other mobber. Considering a new one only shows up after every other obstacle, this keeps the numbers down to 2, constantly.

I don't think 2 people is a mob. Maybe if there were crowds instead of just one person and a midget, or if less obstacles were around, it'd be more sensible.

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SPace responds:

during my play testing i got four over, but i realize now that since every time you pick someone up they have a random jump height and speed that unless you luck out and get really good people then you're screwed. next time i'll work out the randomization better next time and make better hit sensors.
thanks for the review

Practice Practice and Practice

Okey, so I admit this isn't a good game, but can't say that it's that terrible.
I've seen alot of worse than this and being the first game it's.... okey I guess.
People have to start somewhere and this is a okey start to begin with.
Practice and it will better.

So if you want to make something like this again you should make it more smoother with the controls. Also you should make the obstacle look like it's on the ground and it should be more different ones. Also I think it's better to have keys to move the characters sometimes and that you don't skip the building everytime you tag it. It's annoying.
Music : Okey, but in games like this, you should make it so it play further even if you die (Remember mute and that blabla)

uhm... Score and special bonuses should be with it, and I don't so why you could make a game where you upgrades that got something like this.

Now, I just give some ideas you could put it in future and are not saying you should have all this done by the next game lol. Just take some ideas and put to a new game and see what people response to that.

I really don't have much else to say, so..... keep up with the work and just practice !

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this game is terrible, the concept is retarded, its extremely boring to play and the controls are bad.
honestly.. running around, trying to get a large group as possible that does nothing but run with you? spraypainting/bombing? why not make a game where you .... litter! yes thats rebellious... and then a upgrade that makes you rape people. makes just as much sense as this

SPace responds:

the people help you tip the bus.

way to represent. :(

Controls are terrible, and the gameplay is very dry! It must have been nice to work with Tom, but it shouldn't take an internet celebrity to teach you some scripting.

I could give this game a higher score if you made your portrayal of Philadelphia a bit more... authentic. Where are the hobos asking for change? The mural houses? Hipsters on bikes? Those stupid new parking meters? The carriage drivers? It looks like you go to AIPH and the only part of Philadelphia you explore is Chestnut street. I'm not asking you to include everything, but the only thing that really feels like the 215 in your game is the silhouette of the city in the bg.

Also, your portrayal of the flash mob is pretty damn vanilla, if you ask me.

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SPace responds:

dude. i had 3 weeks to make this. i would have loved to put in a bunch of stuff like that but when you have to do all the art and programming yourself it gets hard to keep pushing for things like that.

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2.13 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2010
11:16 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop