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Edit: Thanks for the frontpage Tom :3
and for all of those asking for control explanation, don't skip the intro! click to jump, mouse to move and space to attack!
sorry about the lag issue, i'll work it out next time


So after three weeks in the newgrounds office, being taught AS2 by Tom himself this is my first game: Philly Phlash Mob. Control a flash mob through the streets dodging obstacles and defacing buildings and flipping a bus!
Thanks for all who supported this and for wacky office adventures please read the blog:
http://spacebolt.blogspot .com
<3 SPace



It was one of those games you know that keep you motivated and when die keep on retrying like a game you want to conquer, Nit the best No But boy o boy is this one hell of a game i must say Good job continue to make games like this p;!!

Too Easy!

I only screwed up two times and then I got the hang of it and won. Its ok but kinda boring. But I will admit it was sorta fun. Oh and dude below me, u suck at this game.

Keep at it

It's clear that you have a pretty good idea what you're doing. That said, this does need work. I could get the hang of it pretty well, and the difficulty curve was a touch high, but fair. However, when you're making a running, free-flowing sort of game, you need to be absolutely certain that there's not going to be anything that drops the framerate. As I tagged buildings, the game would seem to stick for like a quarter of a second. That really breaks up the feeling of speed that you should be going for with a game like this.

It's definitely addicting, and I think you could make it more so by going more in-depth with it. Maybe have us start with really crappy tags and when we complete a level (maybe like a city block or something), give us an option to upgrade that, speed, jumping height, all that stuff. I mean, the idea is great--with a little more work, you could make this into a Jet Set Radio type game, which would be awesome.

I'm not going to tell you that this is bad, or that you're bad, because it's not and you're not. It's a really solid first effort, and it's clear that you have talent. Just keep practicing and developing your skills.

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Addicting first try

I admit its actually quite a challenging game since jumping requires quite a bit of timing

I don't care for smooth mechanics and crap, a concept is all you need to win my heart over... i mean a good concept makes it enjoyable... so thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life great job.

waiting for number 2 to com eout now

I liked it

People really need to stop bitching you out and need to realize that this was a first attempt at a flash game and so obviously it's not going to be perfect. However, that being said, I did find it strangely addicting and fun in its own way. This is in no way the greatest game on NG, but it's not as horrible as everyone makes it sound. Yeah, the jumping sometimes doesn't work as well as it probably should and yes your friends do get caught on obstacles a lot, but to me these aren't such big problems that they keep me from enjoying this game.

I'm interested and excited to see what else you'll come up with next. Hopefully some of the whiny little mofos won't discourage you from making more flash games/movies because this was still pretty decent for a first try.

SPace responds:

thank you, i'm glad you got enjoyment out of this. please, if some 13 year olds got me down about this that would be pretty lame. i hope to have something new by the end of the summer

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2.13 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2010
11:16 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop