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Lionel & Janet Trailer

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Yeah, so I posted another school project... whoopie... and beware of this video and audio UN-syncing and RE-syncing. Right-clicking and pressing "back" will get you NOWHERE. If you have any tips to help me with such a problem list your solutions in the review section, not just the problems.

It STARTS out animated but due to project deadlines, it eventually turns into something LIKE a slideshow...

So anyway, Lionel & Janet is basically like Romeo & Juliet, but in a modern setting with some plot-changes. So go read/watch Romeo & Juliet to get a basic idea about THIS story.

And NO this is not real.

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Well I loved it

I Don't care what everyone thinks, You worked hard on this, You desirve a lot of credit. And I cried. Brovo to you Aero. And "not Newgrounds material" What a load bull.

newgrounds: no school: yes

submit this to your teacher and get a B and get over with it. This is not newgrounds material.

Not sold

I read the description only after I watched the flash, but watching the flash, I could barely assemble anything that approached a coherent plot.

After knowing that it was supposed to be Romeo and Juliet, the images made a LITTLE bit more sense, but not much. Because the images by themselves rarely are capable of setting up the narrative (even as one as well-known as R+J) as you present it. I thought the main dude got married at least twice in the flash; it was all very confusing.

Hell, in the very beginning, you make it look like the two are the last survivors of a nuclear holocaust for goodness' sake. I didn't know WHAT the fuck was going on, and the whole "new generation, a new story" doesn't really jive with the fact that this is a REMAKE of Romeo and Juliet, you know?

Hope you got a nice grad on the project, and if I were a teacher, I'm sure I'd give you a solid B+ for the effort, but as a viewer on NG, this really needs a good dab of coherence and some better sequential staging in order for me to actually decipher what the hell was going on the whole time.

I have to see the rest!

You do realize that this will stay in my brain and haunt me for ever more until the whole flash is release? Congratulations!

Not Bad

I really like where you were going with this, i just wished the picture wasnt so grainy. Made reading the words and some of the shots a little hard to take in.