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The Year of the Cat

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The sworn protectors of the King Cat's secrets and eggs must defend against the Great Lizario and his henchman George Foreman. Yeah baby ya...

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Do I make you groovy baby? DO I?


Most horrible thing I have ever seen.

Why is it the most horrible thing I have ever seen wound up being some of the funniest shit I ever saw.

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Where was the Marc M Twist?

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Great work

I sir, am not an idiot. I can see exactly what you meant in the jokes, and they're pretty funny. A lot of these ignorant kids on this site are so used to seeing things that are on the front page and whatnot being "beautifully drawn, easy to understand masterpieces". This is different, and also since it's about cats, people think of the piles of crap the kitty crew makes and automatically votes 0. One VERY good example of how dumb these reviewers are, go down (might have to go the first page of reviews) and find mate41600's review. He says its all terrible and unfunny, but his icon is of family guy! Just goes to show how that crap DOES make kids idiots. I showed this video to my (pretty stupid) friends that don't use newgounds and they thought it was hillarious.

Anyways, I can see you are a very talented commedian and a decent animator. While it might be you just didn't feel like making very smooth animation, the choppy style seemed to really flow with everything else going on. The jokes in here weren't really half assed, its best just to look at them as if they were meant to be the way they are. I honestly don't see why almost everyone thinks this was done sloppy and isn't funny. I'm going to bet they DIDN'T EVEN WATCH THE WHOLE THING!

Keep up the good work, don't the those fucks discourage you, they don't know shit.

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Five out of ten....a half-assed rating for a ..."truly" half-assed flash.
I don't get it man, what is this? Is this supposed to be funny, or was this some sort of practice you were working on to see if you could make an animation at all? This needs to stay on your computer, guy, don't upload stuff like this on here. The jokes are....hell, man, the jokes aren't there. Maybe you should try to redo this and make some sort of ...*sigh* ...I don't know...plot? Look, just work a lot harder next time. If this....if this is a cry for help, then we'll help you...okay, buddy?

I remember! :o

I remember your flash from the old Bytesize feature, and some of this is not funny, but at the same time, it's randomly stupid. Therefore being just slightly funny.
All who rate this bad, please search for his old Bytesize flash and then rate this.

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3.37 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2010
4:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Original