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This took a long time. Enjoy

(realised what was causing the size problem and fixed it)

Albert Hoffman was the first person to synthesize and use lysergic acid diethylamide, then tried cycling home afterwards.

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It was almost really good. I couldn't tell which bits of the bad animation were intentional and which were just poor animation. Although appropriate to the subject matter, it felt a bit too off. And his trippy ride home, seemed very abreviated and much less a part of the flash. I really liked the style of your artwork though, and I think this shows a deal of promise, it could just use to be a bit more polished. Perhaps take a look at Hoffmans account of his 'trip' which he recorded in detail.

To clarify for those out there who care, Hoffman was a Swiss scientist, his discovery of LSD was a result of an attempt to modify plant compounds for pharmaceutical use as a lung stimulant. It was initially tested then put into storage for 5 years because it didn't do what they wanted it to. Later revisiting LSD to look at its other chemical properties Hoffman accidently got some on his hands and it adsorbed through his skin. Since then he had campaigned for its use and the use of other psychoactive drugs for use in treatment of certain conditions. Up untill his death in 2008. He did succeed before he died inciting a study which is still pending on the thereputic use of LSD for deadly disseases. Hoffman never used the drug recreationally, and never supported those who did. He considered it a crime against science that forced useful treatments to be disregarded because of people who abuse and misuse it.

EnglishClock responds:

The ending was kinda rushed because I had to hand it in on time for a deadline. this was actually a graphic design project, hence the lack of much narrative, so yeah. thanks for the review


Really like how it gives that psychotic mood at the beginning, before shifting into some sort of LSD trip. Interesting and quite entertaining imo.

Is there more?

Correct me if I am wrong, but did you intentionally made the voice unclear? I really liked the message of the video but I want to hear what that voice was saying. I watched it 2 times, maybe it was intentional but sorry no, its ruined for me by that voice.

EnglishClock responds:

I didn't make the sound, it's a song by The Residents. "Skratz"

that was aweful

and it looked quiet crappy

EnglishClock responds:

nice display picture m8


This was the single most psychedelic video I've ever seen. o.o

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2010
6:50 AM EDT

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