Messed-Up Bible Stories 8

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God commands Abraham to kill his son for some reason.

Frontpag'd on 6/2/10

Written, Animated and Voiced by Sam T
http://www.samtproduction s.com
http://www.youtube.com/eb olaworld

Isaac Voiced By
Nick Sumbles - FatKidWitAJetPak
http://fatkidwitajetpak.n ewgrounds.com

Narrator Voiced by
Jeffrey Wisenbaugh II
http://www.kooljeffrey.co m

http://www.samtproduction s.com
Business Inquires: sam@samtproductions.com


To that idiot who wants things to be changed...

...he can't exactly change the source material mate AND THAT'S THE FRICKIN' POINT OF THE WHOLE DAMN THING (you moron)!!

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thx alot for those giantic bible-stories. they are the only reason why i look at newgrounds from time to time ;)
@poponimpact: i always thought its called messed up because the stories are messed up like they are. i think "messing it up" in your way (changing the actual stories) would take a lot of the charm of the movies...

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Samination responds:

Yes, messed-up refers to how messed-up the actual stories are. However, I do throw my own comedy in there from time to time, but I try not to change around with the real stories too much. I want them to be a pretty accurate presentation, as if it were a pro-bible cartoon.

Captures the Story is a funny and simple way

This was good and well animated, whilst we know why God decided to do it (to test his faith) it really captures the idiocy of his decision and how messed up it is, especially considering God is meant to be a moral figure for all times and yet does this atrocity. I thought the animation was excellent as well as the voicing and I got a great laff out of it too, keep up the great work!

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A solid show that has some problems developing...

Even though this is an awesome series, it's getting seriously repetitive and predictable. Try mixing it up a little bit. Noah, Lot and now Abraham have all had more-or-less interchangeable personalities, and the "God is a moron" routine is thiiiis close to getting old. The only time that it didn't constantly go on about how irrational God's actions were was episode 3, which focused on Adam's family more than God for a change.

And another key problem: for a series called "Messed-up Bible Stories" they're really not all that messed-up. True; all the characters are rude and completely out-of-character, but other than that, the actions and the story is largely the same as the actual Bible stories. Honestly, Veggietales deviates from the Bible more than this show. For example: have Solomon not actually be able to knock over the pillars, so after embarrassing himself trying, he puts a bomb on it. See? Something like that. :)

What story is next? Jacob and Esau? I bet you could do a lot of crazy stuff with that.

Samination responds:

Ya, I understand your point, but I want to make what's written in the bible - and in order. If some of the episodes seem redundant, it's because the stories in the bible are redundant. However, I think the next couple of stories are much different, and hilarious.

The idea wasn't to deviate so much like Veggietales would, as I find the real stories pretty funny as is. :P So, the title refers to the stories in the Bible already being pretty messed up in their own right. It wasn't meant to refer to me changing them up or anything like that.

Very lol

I had a grin from ear to ear when I was watching this. It's one of the bible stories that's constantly picked on for it's "huhn?!" factor. And you added a very hilarious modern twist to it. I have to wonder though... how awkward was the walk home that those two shared? As always I very much enjoyed your actual use of the bible, and your own flare. That being said: let me respond to a previous post...

I agree with technonarrator.

Pimp-My-Clown, you are allowed to have your own opinions, here's the kicker... EVEN IF YOU SOUND LIKE A DOUCHE. You honestly sound like a non believing very jaded, quite delusional biggot. Christians like myself reading your post probably thought something of the same thought...

"What the heck are you talking about?"

Have you ever actually attended a church service? Do you know what a metaphor is? Until you can back up your rants... leave your reviews to the "Couth" people... and leave your hate at the keyboard...

And if you (or anyone else) thinks I'm being Preachy and or "Too Christian"... I've got 4 words for you.

Peace be with you.

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