LARRY: Big Dipper

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Angry Rock Basher 25 Points

destroy 10 boulders in a single Rage

Gem Collector 25 Points

Collect all 10 gems in a single run

Glutton for Recovery 25 Points

use every antitode orb to recover from poisoning in a single run

Nice And Healthy 25 Points

Collect all health orbs in a single run

Rageaholic 25 Points

Collect all rage orbs in a single run

Free Faller 50 Points

survive for 3 minutes

Massive Damage 50 Points

Destroy 20 boulders in a single Rage

Badass Dipper 100 Points

Reach the bottom of the Giant Pit

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

The First Arcade game from "LARRY and the GNOMES"

::::: NOTE: THIS IS A MINI GAME! :::::

Fall though a massive pit, avoid nasty rocks.


GEMS = collect all 10
BIRDS = slow the speed of the fall
RED balls = health
ORANGE = rage (points for hitting rocks, immortal)
GREEN = poison antidote

BIG THANKS to Moonkey for making the games involved in the "LARRY and the GNOMES" project, David for his fantastic music, Zach for your incredible sounds, and Tom for your support!!

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a life makes you heavier? that explains why some people are so light


Damn hard but I like it!

jazza I'm subbed to your youtube

Indepth review here!

Larry: Big Dipper is a simple concept of falling 10km (6.21371192 miles for you Americans) in a giant pit, executed brilliantly. It makes the player feel like Gandalf in LotR when he is pulled down by the Balrog: Every moment will feel as long as a life age of the earth.
In fact, the execution is so amazing it puts high-grossing titles such as God of War 2 and Force Unleashed 2 to shame when it comes to falling levels.

Now the enemy here isn't some fictional baddie like the Balrog, the Gorog or Icarus, but instead something common you would find in everyday life: Rock.

You heard right, rock is the great enemy of Larry: Big Dipper.
And, as you know, rock has many subgenres:
-Classic rock (grey) - Hurts your ears when you get too close to it, making you lose HP.
-Rock 'n' Roll (grey) - Rolls around more, duh.
-Southern rock (brown) - Hits harder, makes your skin colour controversial.
-Acid rock (green) - Will dissolve your body over time.
-Gothic rock (blue) - Feels like a cold winter night, so depressing it makes you not want to move around that much anymore.

However, as in many games, there are items that help you on your journey (this time the journey is a several thousand meter fall in a pit of DOOM):
-Apple (red) - An apple every 200 meters keeps the doctor away. Seriously though, it heals you.
-Annoying Orange (orange and annoying) - Makes you wanna punch everything in a berserker rage.
-Lime (limegreen) - Cures scurvy. The devs needed to put this in because no one actually ate the orange.
-Gem (blue) - No purpose at all. Is only there to endanger your obviously more precious life and boost your ego when you collect it.

Totem animals (well, there's only one of them):
-The Pigeon - The symbol of security and hope. When you cling onto it, it will slow your descent. What a lovely creature.

There are three fantastic references hidden in the game, which also grant achievements when found, however I will not spoil them for the sake of surprise.

Now onto the realism:
The controls are made as realistic as humanly possible. You will feel inertia and gravity as you do in real life when you play Larry: Big Dipper. This, of course, will cause some unexpected collisions with objects, resulting in major RAGE.

In fact, major RAGE will be expected from the game, as it is not as easy as it first looks. Let me show you a statistic of an experiment done on 1500 people of varying age groups, genders (yes I included nonbinary), social status, nationalities and experience with video games:

1st attempt: What a lovely game, it looks easy, I bet I can do it in one go.
2nd attempt: I guess I wasn't so lucky the first time.
3rd attempt: This time for sure!
5th attempt: It's not as easy as I thought!
10th attempt: Hmph. I think I got the hang of it now.
20th attempt: Alright, alright, just one more try!!! (Note: No subject wanted to stop playing or have a break.)
50th attempt: ARGH! (Note: several elderly people's hearts stopped at this stage.)
100th attempt: WHERE IS A DAMN HAMMER SO I CAN WRECK THIS MACHINE (Note: Signs of dementia on 99% of test subjects.)
150th attempt: ... (Note: Only 8, mentally questionable people remained at this point. Records show they were hardcore arcade gamers.)
594th attempt: FINALLY, YEAH MOM, I DID IT! (Note: One subject managed to finish the game before succumbing. Rewarded with rock candy.)

While Larry: Big Dipper has immense play/replay value, it can cause depression and anger when one is exposed to it for a long time.
Therefore it is advised to take short breaks and only play it for one hour per day.

Getting an old, slow PC from your neighbour or opening a lot of tabs actually helps completing the game, as the slowness of flash allows for more careful maneuvering.

All in all, Larry: Big Dipper is a great treat for the whole family, needed to be taken in small doses.

Rated five satanic pentagrams out of five.
Review originally submitted to GamesHit.org

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2010
9:26 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid

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